2 of my first plants 2 weeks into flowering

These are 2 of my plants that are now flowering. I originally started with some seeds that were purchased. Unfortunately not from here. My germination rate sucked and the seeds looked liked pinheads more than they did seeds. I did manage to get 8 out of about 50 to actually germinate. I still have another 100 to go so I figure that will give me at this rate about 16 more. I am looking at your site and notice that you do ship to the US and it seems like you have great moderators here who are willing to be patient even with the slowest of us who probably have asked the same question as others without even looking through everything first. My support with the other company sucked.Thanks you guys for a great site. Looking forward to putting in my first order.

Thank You. We are here to help. When you order; Tell ;em,; latewood sent me. LOL :smiley:

Are you growing indoors? Also what strain is that in the pics? What are you feeding them? I don’t mean to ask a lot of questions I am just inquisitive.I also am A newbie this being my second year and I am trying to absorb as much knowledge and experience as possible.I purchased my seeds from ILGM they are White Widows and I grow outdoors they are approx. 2 weeks into flowering I had no problems with germination all 6 came out good.Heres A pic of them.