Seed Genetics

I would like to know the what the genetics are on the seeds you sell. I purchased White Widow and Jack Herer (for supposedly outdoor growing) very early and started my seeds in a greenhouse in February. Now, surprise surprise here I am in the middle of August with ten plants that are not budding out at anywhere near the level of my other plants. One of these beasts is not even flowering. The only time I have ever had this problem, has been this year. The only seeds that have done this are your seeds.
Oh yes, my plants are getting tons of potassium and I have a bunch of plants that are doing very well thank you. Just not the seeds you sold me.
So, what did you sell me?
I wanted to add new genetics to my crop, instead I am sitting here with a pile of plants that I’m going to have to give to someone with a green house in order to finish off their growth.
As far as I can see, I have wasted money and my time with yours seeds. I fed these plants with high quality organic nutrients, and spent my time taking care of these them. What did you do, buy a pile of seeds, and then chemically feminize them and start your web site?
You may know how to grow, but what have you done to ensure the quality of your seeds because they are not what you said they were. These are not seeds that can grow outdoors and come to full maturity by the end of the outdoor season.
Jerks - you have no idea what you have done to me. I give part of my crop to a paraplegic and someone else with hepatitis C. Now they will get nothing this year. They don’t have the money to buy and now I don’t have a crop to give to people in need.

You do realize some strains do not flower until they get 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. This does not happen in the northern hemisphere latitudes of the USA until the equinox which is approximately September 25th. It is still very early for some strains to be flowering outdoors. Of course this is more prevalent in sativa dominant plants that are going to flower later, this is likely the reason you are not having signs of flowering on the Jack Herer. Also if you notice in the “details” description, white widow is one of the longer “flowering period” strains in an indica dominant plant.

!st off; I want to say that we guarantee our seeds. 2ndly; You have not posted a topic bringing this to our attention until today, as far a I can tell; This your 1sty post. 3rdly; You are the 1st person I have come across that disputed the genetics. And last; Calling us jerks is not the way to gain customer satisfaction.

Hopefully, someone from the shop will chime in sooner or later on this issue.

I sent an email to the office notifying them of your post.

For so many years; I tried to find the background genetics of quits a few of these strains. I am glad to finally find myself amongst versatile informative people. :slight_smile: