Ready to harvest question

I’ve been told different things as to when a plant is ready to harvest. Some say when about 40% of the hairs turn brown, others say clear Technode’s, and some say milky depending on indica or sativa. So, what is the right thing to look for.

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This should help you decide when to harvest. :blush::v:


Only difference between trichromes on indica and sativa strains is that they may never turn amber on sativas. Any time after they get to 50/50 it’s a matter of preference.

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When the pistils are 95% brown abd curled up, then I look at the trics looking for 70% milky and 20% amber then remaining 10% clear.

That’s the body chill l am looking for


Thank you everyone, that ends the confusion.


@Ace_Trauknot Hey I read somewhere we have a 5 week window of harvest. Still need to research that chart - about color of trichomes and the five week window.

Hate to think dispensaries are flipping them fast for profit.

When 90% of pistils are dark and receding I harvest. Bad eyesight and not great a taking pictures…

Depends on the dispensary, and what they are using it for. Flower that is being sold as 1/8ths needs to look better. The stuff going into vape carts doesn’t. I watched a huge harvest and none of the hairs were brown. Looked like it wanted another month. It was going for extracts so it didnt matter. I guess. In general, it all depends on the dispensary. I know near me the flower % are low and that’s because they have to produce on a massive scale. I grow my bud and use the dispensary for carts, concentrates, ect ect.

@FloridaSmoke I did not mean to knock dispensaries. They are a godsend to many, our household included.

I do not use. But family members have said quality has gone down recently in some dispos. Just heresay.

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It’s not a knock at all to be honest. The dispensary i work our quality varies. We work hard to bring the quality up. It’s hard on a massive scale. The dispensaries around me? Pre rolls-9-14%, whole flower 13-20%, small flower anywhere from 10-22% and we have a couple strains over 30% but i think they were inflated samples they sent out. What should be the concern to many is when the dispensary doesn’t care about getting the quality up. Progress is important. We want perfection but that is not obtainable. At work we talk about where the best bud is, the best deal the best cart etc etc. i will never buy the flower from dispensaries( i grow better quality, cheaper)

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I hear ya, the dispensaries here in Fl. show higher THC on their site but when you get there the THC is 7-10% lower. I’ve turned down some orders because of that. I also noticed that some have crystal clear tech’s too. The last Maui Wowie came out great but the buds could have been a little bit more harder but gets the job done.

Yeah im in Florida and its an issue.