RE-Veging a continous grow garden

Collas? Size who knows, they hang and dry. The best is yet to harvest (countinous is the goal).
Auto pot, not me yet.

The terracotta watering plugs in your grow medium.

I had to google it too, never heard of them before, but have seen lots. I wonder how long they’d last if I soaked the soil and filled them up but only had low-level (T5) lighting on new baby clones…might be a way to keep my strain alive next September when we will be gone for 3+ weeks and have NO ONE to look after them…

Yes, I’ve seen people make ollas out of terracotta flower pots. But the purpose made ones take up a smaller footprint of the soils surface.
If you have to leave your babies alone that long it’s probably your best hope.

Smoked too much and bought some for target practice, pouring water, hopefully, containment and show me the soil drying process.

I got those in my garden, too.
Your pictures are better, thank you.

Top cuts for all and Apical Dominance Supression or Release, for some.
Un-volunteered hanging for cure.
Thanks, i was hesitant but think you are correct.
Flip, Flush, Top Dress, Trim and ladies are ready to go to prom.
Sticky fingers and butchered a couple of cuts.
No Bud rot, cool.


They bounced back great once they got established! I needed the tent space so I’m chucking my clone experiments straight into flower. Let’s see what happens :upside_down_face:

I thought you’d appreciate my LST play-thing:

It kinda un-spiralled itself during the stretch, but still pretty cool me thinks


That sounds familiar, on my current (read first) grow I’ve fed Bergman’s, FoxFarm & Jack321 nutes. I’ve tried 4 different tea recipes. Added CO2 from a DIY sugar&yeast generator. I’ve top dressed and cover cropped. Basically, I read ‘or’ as ‘and’ lol. I started with using RO water and spent 5 minutes balancing pH, now I’d swap out molasses with a Coke if its in my hand :sweat_smile: jk. The plants seem to love it either way… growin’ like weeds

I’m currently alternating waterings between Bergman’s flower and Jack321 @ 1000ppm, then mixing in some humic acid, Q20 wetting agent, and a touch of molasses for the soil critters.

I’m still struggling with overwatering myself. I’ve read to shoot for 10-20% runoff target for salt buildup, that seems more applicable to soilless media though. My soil seems pretty heavy and retains way too much water, like 3x dry weight. Others in the organic game have said water to 10% by weight. Those two approaches provide massively different amounts of water. Any suggestions?

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From this lady

leaving the stubble, with spreaders installed.

Spread branched colas

Hanging in dry tent.


-preflower stretched remaining


Nice looking plants @foxmatt23 !
That spiraling LST technique leads to a nice even canopy, great job! :100: :+1:
I did that to my first indoor auto, Bruce Banner, and she stayed short and bushy. I don’t use a net, if they start to lean under the weight of the buds, I’ll support as needed.


@Spudgunner That spiral cost me about 3 weeks of extra veg lol. Definitely not doing it for the yield. I thought she hermed for a bit from the stress.

The spiralized one is nearest the camera and her sister, center rear, were both popped at the same time. She’s sooo far behind.

No net would improve my life significantly, the one in the corner is nearly done :man_facepalming:
harvest time fun time…


Sweet! I’m going tor tag along if that’s ok? :slightly_smiling_face:

All invited. I learn here and sharing is caring.
I care, I share. Sometimes, not as funny or on point as a responsible adult might be.
OBTW, tent with seedlings just going live from 10.5/1.5 (twice a day) to 16/8.
The ILGM MauiW and GoldL need a good veg routine for stem growth and shaping.
Eternally grateful for forum support.
Beyond any previous “fatty”, thank you forum.

Not a beauty, but it weighs and I will love to screen it in February 2023.
Keife Miner for life! The recently re-veged leaves are not pretty (the PH toasted, either).
But inside, its wet and heavy. No bud rot upon short flower inspection. remaining plant has minimum 3 colas on branch, 2 inches fat and tall, with re-veg 1-inch stretch, single bladed leafs (as viewed above my thumb top right buds show space)


Similiar problems. FFOF, peat moss, and perilite mixed was the basis of my soils. The PHissues were countered with dolomite lime. The heavy slow dryers need flagging (visual identifier directing reduced watering). Some drink better or more. NOT sure if the answer is drip irig or bottom watering. Definitely, lift method usage required, so 3-5 gal bags or hernia (not hermi) potential. My hernia, repaired 8/22, we hope.

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My chop is on the calendar for first wk in January… plan is: cut and hang Last gold and zkittles…seedling chamber will have 4wks olds to come out to the 4x4… Trim roots down on chopped victims, repot, and enter the seedling chamber for 10;2… Go 4-6 wks… bring over to 4x4. Flip all at same


Luck on hiatal mesh

My first round had a mix of FFOF and straight coco medium. I will say the coco seems to regulate moisture content way better than the soil. It also stays more evenly wet so the full container is useable - I used a cardboard cover over the coco to hold surface moisture.

I’m coming around to the idea of committing to coco + synthetic nutes, or live soil with only water. Soil + feeding nutrients doesn’t seem to have an obvious upsides. My next round is already in BuildASoil 3.0 which I diluted a bit because it’s pretty hot.

Trying to figure out when a 3 gal pot’s worth of soil is stripped of minerals and in need of a top dress or supplemental synthetic fertilizer feels like a compromised approach.

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Run-off below 1500 maybe, my guess, but IDK. Problem is I need to know, and don’t yet.

I will try this, any other tips for a beginner?

Flipped from 12/2 (twice daily) to 18/6 with tents staggard by 12 hours.
PNW temps dropping this week (winter,duh, what’s new).
One tent helps heat lung room and grow.
Updated today 12/17 Good Growing to us all.


RE-mined stored keife (confirm not going bad, weighed, stored 10grams, remaining).
Performed scale operation on all stored bud today 350 grams in the cure routine (un-mined for seed as the previous. Last measure of scraps tossed was a 10 ounces (im-mature but harvested for seed).
Seeds from summer viable and good results seen with seedlings in dirt currently. Moved seedlings to one tent and re-vegers to another. Seedlings getting 20/4 and re-vegers 18/6 decreasing/increasing, respectively…