RE-Veging a continous grow garden

I’ve have a Zkittles about 3wks from harvest that i no longer have seeds for…so i left some tiny popcorn buds down at the start of the trunk to do exactly what your doing.
Are you saying 10on/2off will get her to switch back faster? I may need some seedlings in there on 18/6

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The July 2022 re-veg flip went from 12/12 to 24/0 and cause 30% hermis.
Motivated because of power outages, seedling now germinated and in dirt, and needing heat, Something needed changing. Not wanting to repeat that experience I tried different. I flipped 12/12 to 13/11 then 9/3 and finally 10/2, twice daily. GOALS ACCOMPLISHED:
Results available seen in less than 2 weeks.
More heat for grow and lung room.
Seedlings get more total ON hours.
Forum reading supported OFF hours, less important than ON hours.
Flowering plants not ready for harvest, yet, unless…
No Hermis’ YET
IDKSfromS, but I am trying, sharing and posting.


@Spudgunner and other discussing or considering RE-Veg proceedure.

I realized the garden is frequ-ed from changes in lighting. The PNW temp, power outages, and just plain desire to learn, got me into this proceedure. The ladies have been showing displeasure with single blade leaves, stretching stems between single buds, and most regretably, slower growth. Yes, some flowers look less pretty. Admittedly half of the flowering plants flipped to Bush Babes.
Forum readings and Grow Store visit introduced “weed Trim-Bin” (not needed for weed seed recovery, but definitely good for Keife collection and smoking keife). Seedlings may not be thrilled, so I am increasing light on to achieve 12/12 from 10/2 (still twice daily), slowly 15 minutes daily (twice).

Stretch shown. Can’t be too bad, I smoke em regular.

As the seedlings mature, they get grow space in upper crown.
They stay short for how long, if started this way, maybe.
I want to see if flowers will fill stretch, so they got flushed, top dressed, fed, and measured.
Run-off Final 6.5@1550 (good for re-flowering, I would think.

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@DEEPDIVERDAVE I took a bunch of clones at/after the 12/12 flip and I have one that is struggling to reveg (I think it may be the youngest clipping - about 10 days into flower)

It looks similar to yours:

Next to a happy clone:

They are about 50 days old now, not sure if that one is stunted and a lost cause? Otherwise, I’ll put them into flower in a week or two and see what happens


CoyoteCody on ebay for plant training devices ( or similiar) . UNPAID advertisement, but LOYAL customer because awesome results with easy device. Not too many broken ladies.

Contributed to BOUNTIFUL fall seed crop.
Now is the time for training your pictured plant. and put it into flower.
Let it grow, let it grow song sings in my head often

I was given some cuttings in September, and took some then too, and they were starting to flower. Rooted them out in a jar of water so it took 5 or so weeks before they were ready to go to soil, but here they are after a reveg.

Nov 7th

Nov 13th, I call her Basil. If it weren’t for the “normal” leaves on the bottom, you’d never know she was pot plant.

2 weeks later, Nov 27th (day after I got back from 11 nights in Rome), she is starting to look more like a pot plant again. My son watered them while we were gone, but knows nothing about training or feeding. This was the first LST day, before bondage session.

And after. Have an old Queen song going thru my head right now! Any guesses?

Dec 5th, no longer looking like a basil plant, but I still call her Basil!

And Dec 11th, all the funkiness is gone, back to growing normal leaves, lots of them!

Tie Your Mother Down
Tie Your Mother Down
Give me all your love tonight!



I think if you hacked them down to a few nodes those in between ones would decide to switch from flower to veg more clearly. I think they get confused with both growth and flower hormones running rampant. That’s what I do anyway.

On my seeded clones, I have let the new reveg growth just go after picking off the seeded buds. And on a sister clone, I have just hacked the seeded budlets and the new reveged top growth. Essentially hacking the plant off at the bottom regardless of the top mixed growth. I have consistently found the hack is the way to grow. When I unleash them into the soil the hacked ones always outgrow the ones I left the reveg tops on (they are about 12”-14” tall at this point. They don’t stall out a few weeks figuring it out like the ones I leave the top growth on. They get right to it and start growing proper growth. Outdoor the season allows plenty of time for the not hacked ones to catch up. But the hacked ones are clearly taking off faster compared to the non topped ones.

As far as the lighting goes on reveg, I would not be afraid to try a 20 on, 4 off. I have found herming on 24 just like you. I have never had a problem with 20/4. I have also have males blow their load on 24 on. Go figure. (Yes I do keep keeper males).

I know you know my routine @DEEPDIVERDAVE with chucking the pollen on flowering clones and seedlings. Then reveg the winter and pick the seeds in time for reveg and spring planting. You should give it a shot. You will get hundreds to thousands depending on the size of the plants. I keep mine to 12” Bansai and I usually get 100-200 seeds per plant off the reveg. It’s great on new seeds to sex and keep a male. Than pollen as you reveg. It can be done in 8-12 weeks.

I think the biggest advantage to chucking pollen indoors all winter is you don’t fu** anyone else over releasing pollen outside.


Been smoking the hacks, rather than trip to Green Store.
Could be why they are short already. I hacked the toppest bud, always (almost) when shaping.
Garden grow directing me as you do and thankfully, dedicatedly, and i know whole heartedly, for your share. PRICELESS, or years growing to get here, maybe.

quote=“noddykitty1, post:16, topic:96092”]
switch from flower to veg more clearly.

Actually I want the flipped flowering to Re-veg (they have) and now I want then to go BACK to flowing, most are.
Too ugly for proud sharing pictures.or I shake too much. Good camera a buzz kill, manual upload.
Tents have 18-24 more space available for height, but I tend to chop high crown thins.
Peace Brothers!

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Are those ollas in your pots? Do you add nutrition through them or just water?

Everything not nailed down gets added.
I have a feeding inventory to last the decade.
I over spend, overwater, and order anything just to have, read, try or break.
Jacks Kitchen sink, MG Acid/Flowering plant chemicals, Silica, kelp, MychorriBat Guano, and most importantly, Epsom salt, Dolomite Lime, worm casings, and peat moss (PH crashers for sure).
Tried unsulfered molasses (probably the real PH crashers food source, but flowers love it.
Bottle empty now.

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Nice, what volume are the ollas? I know some people like autopots but I like how ollas give the same benefits with lower tech. Where did you get yours?

Collas? Size who knows, they hang and dry. The best is yet to harvest (countinous is the goal).
Auto pot, not me yet.

The terracotta watering plugs in your grow medium.

I had to google it too, never heard of them before, but have seen lots. I wonder how long they’d last if I soaked the soil and filled them up but only had low-level (T5) lighting on new baby clones…might be a way to keep my strain alive next September when we will be gone for 3+ weeks and have NO ONE to look after them…

Yes, I’ve seen people make ollas out of terracotta flower pots. But the purpose made ones take up a smaller footprint of the soils surface.
If you have to leave your babies alone that long it’s probably your best hope.

Smoked too much and bought some for target practice, pouring water, hopefully, containment and show me the soil drying process.

I got those in my garden, too.
Your pictures are better, thank you.

Top cuts for all and Apical Dominance Supression or Release, for some.
Un-volunteered hanging for cure.
Thanks, i was hesitant but think you are correct.
Flip, Flush, Top Dress, Trim and ladies are ready to go to prom.
Sticky fingers and butchered a couple of cuts.
No Bud rot, cool.


They bounced back great once they got established! I needed the tent space so I’m chucking my clone experiments straight into flower. Let’s see what happens :upside_down_face:

I thought you’d appreciate my LST play-thing:

It kinda un-spiralled itself during the stretch, but still pretty cool me thinks


That sounds familiar, on my current (read first) grow I’ve fed Bergman’s, FoxFarm & Jack321 nutes. I’ve tried 4 different tea recipes. Added CO2 from a DIY sugar&yeast generator. I’ve top dressed and cover cropped. Basically, I read ‘or’ as ‘and’ lol. I started with using RO water and spent 5 minutes balancing pH, now I’d swap out molasses with a Coke if its in my hand :sweat_smile: jk. The plants seem to love it either way… growin’ like weeds

I’m currently alternating waterings between Bergman’s flower and Jack321 @ 1000ppm, then mixing in some humic acid, Q20 wetting agent, and a touch of molasses for the soil critters.

I’m still struggling with overwatering myself. I’ve read to shoot for 10-20% runoff target for salt buildup, that seems more applicable to soilless media though. My soil seems pretty heavy and retains way too much water, like 3x dry weight. Others in the organic game have said water to 10% by weight. Those two approaches provide massively different amounts of water. Any suggestions?

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From this lady

leaving the stubble, with spreaders installed.

Spread branched colas

Hanging in dry tent.


-preflower stretched remaining