Raise the light?

She’s grown to within 14" of the light from the top cola. Should I move it up? I ask because of the lower bud sites.

Bend the main over and lower the lights


I’d actually want to “super crop” that branch : get it tucked underneath one of those trellises to even things out. And then lower the light, they’re a bit leggy.


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I just got some back, so there ya go. :grin:

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Super crop that sucker

Pinch, twist back and forth and lay that top section over


Supercrop and lower the light

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So basically break the stem but just enough to lay it over? Tomorrow starts the 5th week of flowering.

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Bit late for supercropping, but just bend it over and weave it through the trellis without breaking it.

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Don’t water for a couple of days then do it … so they say

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Auto plant?

That is a big bag!! What size is it? I have to ask. Why so big?
Definitely bend/ supper crop the main. Weave it through the net.
What lights are they?
I get the sense you are wanting to grow monsters. Nothing wrong with that.

I felt this as well

I agree bend the top slowly. Tie down. Wait till the next day and repeat process. I usually do this over a case of 3 days or so.

Once it has enough flowers aka bigger size ones this will help keep it down for awhile. The weight will hold it down till it starts to go vertical again.

Also lower the lights.

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This is my first grow. I’m just looking for advice.

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Agree on the super crop. Also agree on lowering the lights. They’re not very powerful lights so you’ll want to get them close to help build bud structure.


Agree with everything stated above , all good suggestions.


That is why I am asking for more information.
If you want to grow large plants you need the tools to accomplish and support that objective.