Raining to much in New England. Worried about my Afghan in the garden!

This is my first real grow outdoors. I have two Afghan Kush plants and pots that I can move around in and out of the rain. And I tried one in my garden in the soil, obviously I cannot move it. It’s been raining a shit load out here getting sunny days in between. Plant looks fine but I am very worried about the rain affecting it especially because it’s going to start budding in the next month. Any ideas or advise anybody can give me?

Its still in veg so it will be fine.when it flowers it will be better to move it in away from the rain. Mainly mid to end flower

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Thanks appreciate it.

Mid to late flower is where you will be biting your fingernails. Best to come up with a plan now to fight bud rot: you may have to bring inside daily or nightly; depending.

PVC frame and greenhouse plastic… under 200$ (and likely under 100$)


up. The one you can’t move the greenhouse or a pop up canopy. I’ve heard of some say they give em a shake to get water off the buds after the rain. Maybe after rain a pedestal fan and extension cord as well to get some air moving to dry her off

Or stand 10’ with a leaf blower on low… ish