Rain on buds what to do

Hi everyone how much do I have to worry about rain on buds and any tips would be very appreciated

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You can cover them, or get a fan to blow on them. You can give a shake after a rain.
Otherwise I wouldn’t be too worried. Cannabis grows outside all the time.


cleans the dust off them. It will be an issue if you are getting into your wet season and its getting colder. We dont know where in the world you are.

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United states Massachusetts thanks for info been very hot and humid with a lot of rain

Pssst… There a whole section of the forum called “Outdoor”. :wink:

Just giving you a hard time. I wouldn’t be too worried about it. My little lemon kush was outside during a tropical depression. She’s doing alright.

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@AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie pssst it’s posted in outdoor so before u act like a stupid moron but I don’t expect much from someone who has Abercrombie in there name


Been getting lots of rain here when I do it the end of the day as I go and just give them all a good shake to get all the extra water off so there’s not a lot of water sitting on or in the bud all night long

It was a joke. I said as much in my reply. No reason to come at me sideways.

But feel free to enlighten me as to what is bad about my screen name. Should be worth a laugh.