R.I.P. Bubblegum kush

My bubblegum kush came out deformed and died. My AK-47 came out deformed, too, but still kicking.

Do you guys think I can get a replacement? I said a little prayer for the ladies.

how did you germinate i dont see any water ?

I germinated in water for three days. Those sprouts had been in soil for 3-6 days. They just came out looking funky. I got three others that look fantastic, but from a different batch from ILGW. Maybe it’s the genetics. They all got treated the same. Sprayed three times daily with spray mist. I added fish emulsion fertilizer before they got put in soil. Soil had npk of 0.5-0.5-0.5

i got some autoflower seeds from a friend but cant get any to germinate. was thinking of getting some from ilgm but price is high . is said they will replace any so might be worth it. and i have suppersoil cooking so to get rid of all the thought of chemical mixing out of the way. just add water and keep ph in check.

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ILGM seems to be a great company, but just do some research. The seeds germinate, but they do sometime send some small ass seeds. Those are the ones that are giving me trouble. One of the seeds from the second batch I bought didn’t germinate. Have to wait til Sunday to request guarantee they honor for the Durban poison that didn’t pop. They want you to try germinating again for Three days.

These are the ones that are doing pretty well for the germination stage. The bigger one is sour diesel. The seed was bigger than the other two. The one coming out is Durban poison and the one that has a Yamaka is banana Kush.

looking good, i am doing my second try green krack----- lemon haze autos, 4 days in ----we will see. soaked 2 seeds in water two days then put in soil , other planted strait in the soil. figure i have 6 or 7 days till they pop up . fingers crossed. good luck

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I would make a dome and put it over it. It really does help a lot.
I hate losing seeds even though I have a truck load.

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yep not sure if i drowned them the first time

The dome will bump up the humidity and its crucial at this time
frame. I had a seedling leaning over and it perked up real fast with a dome over it. You will need to spray it twice a day and its worth it. I wished I would have started doing it a long time ago.

ok will test it out thanks

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looking and try’en to figure out what seed to buy

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I love searching for strains to help manage my pain. My Tora Bora is great at helping managing pain.

want to grow inside so looking at autos

I’m not a fan of Autos as they do what they want, when they want. They can be very temperamental and they don’t offer a lot of time frame to address any issues that come up.

Photos you have total control and you have time to address issues.

Autos can be very fun growing but I always get more yield on my Photos.

i can only grow 4 plants at a time in my state so wanted to try quicker turn over. get more variety . plus i dont have to keep a dark room . making supersoil its cooking now , hope to make it easy-er.

are you a ilgm rep can you say which autos would be best.

Did u try peroxide and water mix and put it on a napkin doubled or tripled up dunp seeds on half fold over and cover with a bag or syran wrap anything to hold in moisture. Put on a plate and put the plate on a heating pad or a seedling mat heat helps alot softens shell. If no luck still try and lightly rub the shell on the area where the seeds open to thin the layer where it splits. Can also try and poke the seed with a needle to get water thru the shell and the sprout to start to expand and break free.


i did peroxide/water in a cup for 2 days then planted on day 4 now still waitng.

Autos can take just as long and some times longer than a Photo.

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