3rd Grow (2)Banana Kush, (2)Bubble Gum, (2)AK-47 and (1)Girl Scout Cookie Extreme

Here we go with the 3rd Grow. Germinated 6 seeds of said variety.

Banana Kush was the first to pop, so I put them in a paper towel to grow some tail. Very strong genetics in this strain and I’m looking forward to a good grow with these babies.

The AK-47 seedling look deformed. One is a slow grower and won’t show its roots so I can put it in the fogger.

The Bubble Gum was a little weird too. One stretched and it was right under the lights! The other stretched a little and looks kinda normal.

The GSCE was put in water today, so the jury is still out on that strain.

The little guy that won’t root.

Banana on the right, BG in the back, AK-47 front left.

The fogger filling up. Fog is on for 30 min then off for 90 min.

Plants in fogger.

I know the RH is low, I have a humidifier on the job.

Roots after 5 days

Things I need to do.

Install RO system I bought and is just staring at me everyday.

Hopefully this will save me some money in the long run. Just need to get 143 gallons and it will pay for itself.

Still need to re-build these lights to look like the first lights I built.

And thats it for today

Happy Growing :sunglasses:

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All others that are interested please switch to WATCH


OMG… Weird scientist :joy:… Nice! :+1:
Thanks for the tag friend :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: I’m setting this to watching


Set to watching brother!


Im waiting for my banana to arrive. Watching

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That’s it for today, It’s still early. lol I’ll be watching. Banana Kush is one I’ll be growing next.


You will love it. They are the 2 best plants I have. Easy germination and growing very fast.


Thx for the tag @MAXHeadRoom I’ll be doing ak47 and/or GSCX next as well but in soil… will be watching sir


Thanks for the tag @MAXHeadRoom the fogger that you’re using, is interesting. So does that fog the roots, or a little bit of everything? Will it have nutrients or just water after they mature a bit? More details about that if you have time. It might be something I could try on my clones and seedlings. I have set this to watching. BK and BG are in my wish list so I am interested to see the end results. I’ve set this to watching, and I’ll be around frequently. I just knew you were up to something… and soon. (I was right!)


Awesome - looking forward to watching this one and seeing how those lights pay off!


Watching! Just as exciting to check this one out as the last two.


I designed it originally for my clones. The vapor rises and waters the roots hanging down. I have a very small amount of nutes (150ppm) in the water PHed to 5.8.

Heres the full tread. Enjoy :sunglasses:


you know i’m watching @MAXHeadRoom man,i’m still wanting to do a fogger like that! lol


What is stopping you? Its just a storage bin with foggers in it. easy peasy @BIGE


Looking forward to watching progress @MAXHeadRoom

i know,i’m going back over old thread now…lol

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If you need help, I’m always here for you @BIGE just ask


thank you sir! i’ll try to roll through it and get the facts…lol
i already have a vessel cut and ready!


@BIGE @Covertgrower Just to clarify the design, the 4 folgers tubs in the bottom are there to displace water. They have a brick in them and the rest is filled with water. This helps the fog get higher in the tub.

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The best foggers come from The House of Hydro. If I remember right around $30. There are cheaper ones out there, but they are junk.


yea i was checking that out…lol
3 head one is 100$