Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow

Hi, let me finally introduce my self, Im Max. Ive been in this forum for a couple months now and have enjoyed all the help and hopefully givens some to new people joining. The reason I’m growing MJ is for pain. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. They have me on alot of pain medicine and I was tired of all the side effects to the pills. So I decided to give this a try. I also want to help other people with cancer to help with there pain also. Im from Michigan so I got a medical grow card. I can grow 12 plants at one time but can only have 2.5oz at one time. Im not sure how thats going to work out, Im expecting more.

So here is my first grow. I chose aeropoinic over all the other methods because dirt looked to messy. DWC uses alot of water and I got to build something cool. Because as an American I chose it not because it was easy but because it was hard.

I chose Gold Leaf strain because of the high CBD percentage and also because it was on sale. (The real truth).

My first girl is Louise from Thelma and Louis Movie. Because she was the strong one.

Shes going to be a monster

My second girl is Thelma. Thelma is a little rough around the edges. She was born with only one round leaf, but shes making a good comeback. just looks a little ragged.

Here they are together in my aeropoinic system.

Some people wanted to see this in action so heres a short video.
Sorry I guess I cant upload a video. Wont let me

Anyway thats about it. I Will post once a week unless Im having a problem. Thanks for all the help that got me this far. Max

@Nug-bug @Nuggyunlimited @TheDuke @latewood @Astrocreep


Looks great buddy, ill be following along with this

Heres a link to the areo system posted earlier


Hands down awesome, im definitely willing to watch this and if it turns out well you may suck me into trying it. Very well put together and seems like a great idea especially training the roots for water inside and out you have me very interested.

Happy growings my friend

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I can’t wait to see the scrog when they get bigger

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Thanks for sharing. You are not alone here at iL:GM. We have many Cancer patients along with many other major medical issues. We love to help, and it is nice to have another helper to join in the community effort,

Peace, lw - Admin :slight_smile:


Thanks @latewood are you the hydro guru? Or who should I be tagging for this grow. Just in case I need help with any issues.

@MAXHeadRoom looking good… jumping on early for the ride with Thelma and louise… hydro has me curious :stuck_out_tongue:

@Aquaponic_Dumme is our hydro and aeroponics guy

Wishing you a successful harvest. Looking forward to following along as I know nothing about hydro so am curious as well.

@Majiktoker Thanks for the info I will make sure I tag him on this grow. And Thanks @AnneBonny for you well wishing.


I’m always looking for a new avenue. Tag me, I like the diy ability. Aero fascinates me. :sunglasses:


@OldStealth Are you sure you want to get away from your dirt? lol It was fun building. I will tag you.

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I love my dirt. My hydro, fimming, LST, scrog, super crop, all forms of gardening the plant that heals. We are always looking for a better mousetrap. You just may be the guy that has that mousetrap. Bring it on. :sunglasses::joy:


@OldStealth I am also doing a side by side dirt grow with this too for comparison. I just havent any current pic. I have to wait til my son comes over with his iPhone to get pictures. But aero is twice as big already and its only been a week!!!


This is going to be an awesome grow, I’ll be following the thread!


Following @Maxheadroom

Very interesting. I’m going to follow along with this also, never seen before. I’m new so anything not grown in dirt is new to me. Sorry to hear about your cancer, my hairdresser was just diagnosed with CLL, she’s only 41. Marijuana will help you just fine. I feel for you and hope you will feel better soon. Welcome MaxHeadRoom you will be happy here! :grin:

Thanks @bonnie1 Its was fun to build. But I needed a hobby And everyone in this forum is great. I will add you to my tag list…

Please do, I’m loving my new hobby and this site, everyone is great and so helpful! Couldn’t have done it alone. Happy growing!