Questions regarding clones

So I am about ready to tear my hair out regarding the best tools etc regarding clones.

I’ve watched a lot of videos on the process and while most suggest razor blades you will see some videos where they use sanitized scissors.

Same with how a clone is prepped. I have seen some videos where they will cut the edges of the leaves and somr where they are left alone.

Bottom line…What works for you guys?

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I just use my trim scissors. Sometimes I clean them with alcohol, sometimes not…
Dont make it harder than it is. Take a cutting, dip it in rooting hormone powder/liquid and stick it in the dirt. Cover it with a dome and in 10 to 14 days it will be alive or dead.
I have a 90% success rate. Its just not that hard. So what if one dies on occasion.
Its best to start a few extra when you clone. Save the best and toss the rest.


I use my trim scissors as well. Resin all over them.
Lost 1 out of 16 clones last month :green_heart::metal:t2:


In a nutshell that is it. Can stick straight into final pot. Not all will take but they are free. Do 10 and get 5 is a good ratio. 10 and 10 better but i only keep the best since photo. I get another round off the new clones.


I cut the the clone back so it is light. Big heavy fans will drop while she is trying to root again. I think I have a pic of a clone right after planting.

and she turned out as such…



You see these people use humidity domes etc as well as root cubes.

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I just cut with my trim snips, unsterilized. If going into damp medium, dip in rooting compound. If I take many cuts, I put them in a jar of water, sometime 15 to 20 per jar!

I usually cut the tips off of every leaf…I’ve heard (bro science?) that this tells the plant that it is damaged and needs to produce more, then it realizes that it doesn’t have the root system for that so it makes it grow them first. But I’ve not cut them too and they still root out!

This way does take a bit longer, but less maintenance. And good if you need to be away for a week without any supervision for them.

When I went to Sri Lanka, I expanded on this concept and made a floating tray. Half inch styrofoam floating in a lightly-nuted trough. As the water evaporates, the roots stay submerged. Would like to say that it worked, but we were gone for 3-1/2 weeks and they got hit by algae. Only tried it with 2 of the 6 pictured, the others I wrapped bases in wet paper towels, sealed them in a ziplock bag after spraying them with h2o/h2o2 mix, and mailed them across the country! Buddy was able to finish rooting them and all 4 survived!

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Ingenuity at its best. Sounds like you almost pulled it off if it weren’t for the dang algea.

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Yeah, I think I even put a little h2o2 in there, but 3-1/2 weeks was just too long. Two weeks tops would be my guess for that type of system, when I do the jars, I change out the water weekly or so.

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