Questions on SCROG/LST/Prune

Hey all!

I’ve been reading the forums a lot and have seen a lot of posts on pruning/LST/SCROG.

I gave it my first go on one of the three plants I’m growing but before I totally commit to it I was hoping for some feedback to see if I’m headed in the right direction? It was terrifying pruning and roping down this plant after all the love given to it.

I also did all this in one sitting, could I have stunted it by pruning this much at one time? It wasn’t till after that I saw you should t remove more than 20% at a time. :frowning:

Before and after photos. Also, as this is my first grow is it normal for new growth to be so bright green?? Or am I deficient somewhere?

This is a WW feminized homed in a 7 gallon OF soil being fed nutrients once a week on a 18/6 schedule. (In veg phase obviously.)

My plan is to prune/LST like this for the next two weeks then switch to a 12/12 schedule to start flowering.

Is that an auto flower ? Pruning was done good :+1: :ok_hand:, now just let it grow !

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Not an autoflower- feminized. I know I’m a glutton for punishment risking it that way on a first grow knowing literally nothing- but no risk no reward right?? Lol. Thank you! You think two weeks would be okay for it to flip to flower?

Yes, while chlorophyll catches up to the new growth. Yours is a little more extensive than I am used to seeing. What nutrients are you using?

She is healthy and may pause for a couple of days before resuming growth. Keep an eye on new growth. I wouldn’t worry too much.

Probably too much. The point of training is to increase airflow and light penetration. The plant needs help with neither at this point, but will fill out and might need another haircut in a few weeks as she fills out (particularly during the stretch.)

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You already flip them to bloom , so you did a day one defoliation method right , if so that’s okay :+1:, just keep doing but now you’ll have to gradually add your bloom nutrients and decrease your grow nutrients so the plant can transition to flower phase and bud ! It looks like they are starting to pre-flower on 12/12 to me but I be high !

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She is on Fox Farm grow big. I only feed once a week 2tbsp in a gallon split across three plants. (Was very afraid of a nutrient burn scenario.)

Thanks for the advice on the trimming. I’m sorry I’m still learning lingo… the stretch? Would you be referring to when I SCROG her up into the trellis?

Sorry again for the newbie question. It’s a lot to take in and I’ve been reading like crazy for the past two months.

I wanna be in your stoner shoes but I am staring at two more plants to prune and I wouldn’t trust myself with sharp pointy objects while baked!

I haven’t flipped them yet. I read an article where they were talking about the stress of pruning/LST causing plant shock if you immediately flip to a 12/12 schedule. She is still on a 18/6. They advised in that article to decrease light by two hours every two days till you get to 12 to prevent shock. I was going to try that for fear of slaughtering some plants. Does that seem crazy? Or should I just flip it to 12/12 without a titration down?

The stretch is the growth you will see after flipping lights to 12/12. Many times your plant will double in height.

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Better off with photoperiods . . . I never understood why folks suggest beginners start with autos. Except for concerns over light leaks and the 12/12 flip itself . . . photoperiod plants are much more forgiving than autos. You decide when to flip, whether to clone or not, etc., with autos they do what they’re going to do and that’s that.


Doesn’t seem crazy at all. I know that my biggest fear when I was beginning growing was screwing up and losing all my girls. :+1:


The component of the Fox Farm Trio that contains iron is Big Bloom. The excess green at the tips may be an iron deficiency. Big Bloom contains the micronutrients that your plant will need.


Thank you!! I did t realize that they could be iron deficient and it could cause that. Been mostly worried about nitrogen/phosphorus/cal/mag. That’s a new one for me!

Will swap and see if that helps.

Out of curiosity, will the potency be negatively impacted by shifts in the nutrients or is it relatively forgiving as long as you can maintain stability in flowering?

I don’t understand the question.

The FF Trio is a set. You should be using all three (as well as a cal/mag product.) They are designed to be used together.

An iron deficiency isn’t very common, but we do see it at times. I’m not fully convinced it’s an iron deficiency, but you should be using Big Bloom anyway.

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My one comment / observation about the LST is nothing was done to the main stem. It is the dominant stem and it will outgrow everything around it. The first principal of LST is to break the dominance of the apical stem. This redistributes its growth hormones to the lower branches / stems. The
second goal is to have as even (flat) canopy as possible. That way the light is distributed more evenly over the entire plant.
If you allow the main stem to keep growing the way it is, the main cola will be 2 feet above the lower buds. Add 18 - 20" for light clearance and you end up with buds 4’ from the light. Think larf, cotton candy, fluff.
Look up super cropping and bend that stem over and tie it down. You will be glad you did.


I understand you’re cautions and that’s awesome :ok_hand:, always research and if you still in veg , you should be trellis training not LST training , I know it seems similar , but it’s not , it’s more of both in the same technique method of training a plant and the trellis acts as your clothes pin Riggs, nice engineering , I’ll can tell you are very passionate and determined , I love those who are willing to adventure and learn by challenging themselves to grow .