Questions about plants per growing area size

Hello all…
I’m a new medicinal grower/user getting ready to start my very 1st grow. I have a 3’ x 3’ x 6’ (tall) grow tent & am wondering how many plants I should have in there. Using a combination of LED’s & FL lighting (setup by the person I bought the setup from-no longer in state, tho). Besides my lonely tomato plant & the mango & banana tree’s in the backyard, I have absolutely NO PRIOR EXPERENCE & could use “all the help I can get” ~ LoL. I have currently ordered 30 seeds (5+5 OG Kush, 5+5 Superskunk & 5+5 White Widow) & am now trying to get everything setup before my seeds arrive. Thank you so much in advance, for any helpful info u can provide.
Love, Peace & Aloha for all,

The number of plants depends on how you want to grow.