Big enough for marijuana?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have 3, 5 gallon pots with 14inch scrog setup. Would a 4’x2’x5 1/2’ be big enough. If not what size tent should I use?

Yes; I believe it would. :slight_smile:

Newbie want use bout 4 5 gal buckets indoor grow don’t have closet space or spare room have lots of tents online what’s good size and what type of lighting etc needed

IThe smallest I would recommend is 2x4’, 3x3’, 4x4’. 7 feet tall

Thks can’t wait to get started

Do I need to purchase techno flora kit or can I just use miracle grow

Miracle grow is not formulated for optimum marijuana growth.

Ive tried MG in every possible formation and liquid consistensy. Never got plants do do anything other than burn or “knuckle” up, inside, outside, even in the ground outside under the sun, MG did nothing but kill my plants. Period. The only thing ive ever smoked by someone claiming to have used MC was the rawest harshest smoke i ever tasted. Nope. Ur better off using ground up fish heads and bannana peels. Good rule of thumb, if it doesnt have data on the side of the bottle for either “drain to waste” or “recirculating” uses, then it wont grow pot youll want to smoke. <---- period.
My humble 2¢…

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