Questions about nutrients

From a fellow grower: Any suggestions about my nutrient mix.
By the Gallon
1/4 tsp. Armour Si
1/4 tsp. of Cam Mag
2 tsp. of Flora Micro
2 tsp. of Flora Grow
2 tsp. of Flora Bloom
adjust the Ph to 6.5 or so
and add a small scoop of Flower Fuel
I do that 3X and then water at the proper Ph.

I go by grams, ml, chemical compounds, and molar math, there’s no way I can do any mathematical solutions on that, but if it works, don’t change a thing!

Use a published schedule for the type of media you are growing in. GH has comprehensive grow charts available on their website.

Add the silica first and let it sit so it properly dissolves