Ph Perfect technologys 3 part from advanced nutrients

First time grower I have a few questions about using this product.Like am i to feed this to my plants through out the entire grow??? And when do i start ???and one more …I have just the three part nutrients but there is a complete pack that has like 7 or 8 more bottles that i dont have. Do i need to get them to

If I’m thinking of the correct product line I believe you’ll need 3 bottles for vegetative growth and then another 3 for the bloom phase. It would be a “grow”, “micro”, and “bloom” for each phase. Those are your base nutrients. The other bottles are additives, they help a lot, but they’re not 100% necessary. Check out the nutrient calculator on AN’s website, it will lay it out for you.

Thanks Cap_Ron I’ll definitely look at the feedings chart. The directions on the bottles are vage.and the. U-tube video aren’t much better. I appreciate your support and time…TAZZIE

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No problem @Tazzie. One important thing I forgot to mention earlier is use much less than the manufacturer’s recommended amount on the nutrient schedule. I started using AN nutrients a couple of months ago. I haven’t used more than half of the recommended doses yet, and my plants are doing great with it.

The PH in my domestic water at home is 7.5 , so i added 5 ml per gallon PK booster because the plant is in the early flowering stage so i measured the ppm it mentioned 1100 so it’s good but the PH when i added the PK booster droped to 5.20 so i added some baking soda to raised the PH up it works and i get the result i want 6.0 PH but the PPM raised to 1700 when i added baking soda !!! So how can i adjust the PH level (6.0) while i want my PPM level to stay the same (1100) ?? NOTE: in my country we dont have Ph down and PH up thats why im using baking soda !!!