Questions about Black Gold and Fox Farm soil

From a fellow grower: black gold, I heard this soil has poor drainage can you confirm? also, I have the fox farm trio but it seems like adding any of that seems to burn the leaves (tips yellow)

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Black gold has been used with decent results. Perlite mixed in or vermiculite will assist in drainage.


If the product in the picture is the correct brand, looks like some of the line contains slow release fertilizer, which could be why your seeing nutrient burn when adding gh trio.


I’ve never used black gold myself but have heard it need help for drainage I recommend perlite. The fox farm trio schedule says to start feeding at the start of veg, and to use half dose compared with the bottles instructions. The ff schedule is a little confusing because every page is colored the same colors you have to make sure you pick the right one everytime I didn’t my first round and burned mine


Here’s the Hydro schedule if you care to see the difference or how much they are the same notice second bottle isn’t used right away in soil which is where most nitrogen is in the trio


I use it with great results,but I add Vermiculite,perlite and nutes.Its a good soil,but needs drainage help.

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I have used the black gold seed starter soil and had good results. Price-wise very reasonable.

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It is this kind of soil and yeah I do see it has fertilizer, so I don’t need to use the foxfarm stuff right? why even buy foxfarm when you can just get soil with everything you need mixed in?

actually the one with the nitrogen is the veg one which they have you using right away

Not in soil and that’s what I was pointing out because if you do like I did on my 1st use and look at the wrong page you will burn your plants because on the Hydro schedule you do start with second bottle right away. The first bottle is the organic poo tea you can feed from day one to harvest

I works ok. I use it for starting my plants when in cups. After that happy frog. I did use it my last round. I mixed it with other soil. It drained better. The fox farm I use with dr. Earth and bone meal and worm castings. B52 Nirvana. Alaska Fish Fertilizer. Hydrogen peroxide.
Love this stuff.

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I used black gold and immediatly changed to fox farm… Black gold is a higher ph well southfloridas BG was very high ph for maryjane fox farm is 6.5 all day

I did a sediment test on every soil i used …
Ground in so fla…high ph lits of lime stone naturally occyring found that problem out the hard way it was over 8.0…
Went to kellogs …another high ph 7.5 plus
Black gold middle low 7
All fox farm 6.5

I only use the Black Gold Organic,I should have mentioned that.No added fertilizer.I never use time release soil.

Never saidd its charged its just a naturally higher ph then marijuana likes for its soil to be to uptake nutes properly when media is ph it will till the plant theres a problem and certain nutrients cant be consumed

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here u go this what im talking about

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Hope that helps dont fight the djrt… U will bang your head against a wall trying to figure out what wrong when its that simple of an anwser so let it happen and make the switch u will find how much better your plants will grow

I agree I have to add amendments to bring thenp.h. down but that’s easy and still much cheaper than FF.I have used both,and have had better luck with Black Gold,but its probably just my setup.

I tried happy Frog and didn’t like what it did to my plants. Massive damage , and initially they looked Great after transplant. Like they burned up, and I didn’t add anything. No nutes before the great burn. I’ll see if I have the pictures. I ended up with a GRAM on one plant, maybe 3.5 on another. Now I’m relatively new to this, but my summer crop was 1.5 lbs off one plant so I was literally laughing hysterically, what a difference there can be between grows. I ended up using the rest of that soil as filler, and I still think it may have affected them too. And I coincidentally had a bug outbreak at that time, swear it was that soil. That’s my two cents

These were the day of transplant, and the end result.


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Not to hijack the post, but the first pic is from a different somewhat struggling grow. Couldn’t edit it out and it kept adding pics I didn’t want to! Peace!

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