I want to start feeding with FoxFarm Trio but I'm Leery

What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed: Bubba Kush from Farmers Lab Seeds

· Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF: Organic Potting Soil With Nature’s living Soil

· Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths: Grow Bags

· PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable): 6.5-6.7

· PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Soil Trio

· Indoor or Outdoor: I’m an Outdoor Guy

· Light system: Can’t afford lights so, I use the sun

· Temps; Day, Night: N/A

· Humidity; Day, Night: Southern California Low Humidity

· Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: Outside Wind

· AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: None

· Co2; Yes, No: No

I hope all of you don’t mind but I have questions galore. I’ll try to go easy and limit them to just two or three.

The other day I used FoxFarm Trio for the very first time. I have 6 Bubba Kush plants. So, I mixed 6 gallons of the recommended 6 tsp. per 1 gallon of water and watered each plant with one gallon of the Big Bloom Solution. I don’t know if that was too much to use on one plant but, it’s too late now, and w2hat’s done is done. Anyway, it didn’t show any ill effects from the amount I used so, no harm, no fowl

My question is; the next time I water my girls, do I water with just plain water or do I water with another batch of Big Bloom and give each plant a gallon of the Big Bloom mixture?

Another question I have has to do with lights shining out of windows. I’m bringing this up because I feel something is keeping my girls from growing as fast as they should. My girls sprouted April 23rd and my tallest is about a foot tall. I know Bubba Kush doesn’t grow all that tall but, 12 inches in a little over a month? Cum-On!!!

I think perhaps the light coming out of these windows and the bathroom light in particular which comes on suddenly at around 3:AM and stays on for about a half hour might be messing with their growth in some way. As for my bedroom light that guy stays on continuously until 3:AM when I finally get tired and crash out.

I know weed is supposed to get a certain amount of continuous darkness but does it have to be total darkness? Because if they have to have that much darkness then I’m going to have to push my ladies to a darker part of the yard every night and push them back at dawn. Talk about a real drag… Ha-ha! get-it? Dragging my plants around the yard? I thought it was funny.

Also, lately I’ve noticed some small leaves growing between the fan leaves (Nodes) My question is; do these leaves grow into branches or are they just more leaves? I sure would like to see some real growth in the form of some branches from these lazy ladies. My lady friend says I’m sending out the wrong kinda vibe. That’s why they’re not growing the way they should. Is there any truth to this, you think?

First thing is I believe that the soil you’re using is a hot soil that shouldn’t need nutrients added for awhile. Also when you say Organic Potting Soil is that something you are mixing with Natures Living soil. If it is what is the brand name, lots of organic potting soil isn’t amended and buffered for cannabis use. Based on this pic you are starting to have issues.

I’m not sure about light in bathroom, may have to get a outdoor grower to answer that. As far as the lower growth that’s normal you can just clip it off.

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No need for big bloom at this stage

the top left of your photo the bright spot is that the sun? If so your plants need to be in the brighrest sun you can give them
They will handle it fine. I grow with zero shade problem free

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I was thinking the same as @Cantgetnosatisfaction. Not getting enough sun can explain why they’re slow to grow.
Last season my buddy kept his in a spot without much direct sunlight. His plants yield was a little less than two ounces per plant.

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The pictures were taken at sun set. My plants get full on sun from 9 in the morning til about 7:30pm. I wish I was able to give them more sunshine but where I have them it’s the brightest place on the property.

Ok I understand I’m starting to have issues. can you tell me how I might be able to correct these issues? Do I change the soil or add something to it? This news is scaring me to death because the news didn’t come with an answer on how I might correct the problem. Do you have something I can do to fix this?

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Well that’s one of the reasons I was asking about the soil you was using. The Nature’s living soil is I believe a fairly hot soil so it shouldn’t need any nutrients for a while. You also listed that you mixed with Organic potting soil. Curious to know what kind. Many basic potting soils aren’t really the best choice for cannabis. Soil needs to be ph buffered for cannabis. As others have stated could be just not getting enough sun.

I would water with just water next watering. I don’t see how it could hurt, especially if you think they got too many nutes. When I start with nutes, I do half the amount specified on the directions the first week and only feed every other watering.

This picture was taken at sundown. In the morning the sun starts hitting my plants at about 8:45 or 9:00am. My plants begin to get shaded around 7:00pm That’s about 10 hours of full on sunlight. the problem has to lie somewhere else because honestly I’m not exaggerating about the sunlight my plants are getting. Man, this is bumming me out big time! I practically spent the whole of that stimulus money on these six plants and if they kick off I might as well have flushed the cash down the shitter. I wish there was a place where beginners like me could call on the phone and get on the spot answers to these kinds of questions. Now wouldn’t that be cool??? I don’t know if you saw the comment Bulldognuts left. He mentioned: I believe that the soil you’re using is a hot soil that shouldn’t need nutrients added for awhile. Well let me elaborate, what I did was I bought a 5 pound bag of Nature’s Living Soil and split it up 6 ways. The instructions call for 1 pound for every 5 gallons of potting soil. What I did was add less than a pound because I have six plants and a 5 pound bag and 6/ 7 gallon grow bags. Therefore, I fudged on the amount I was really suppose to add. So, in stead of the soil being hot perhaps it was somewhat cold and maybe in need of nutrients. Thought it would be best to explain myself before adding anything to my plants or it’s soil. Also I have seen here and in other articles that Bubba Kush is a heavy feeder; Bubba Kush is a heavy feeder Its dense growth requires lots of nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium to fully develop before flowering. Having read this and given the under amount of Nature’s Living Soil I used initially I am inclined to add a small amount of FoxFarm Big Bloom and Grow Big to the smallest of my plants to see how it’ll react to this mixture. Oh yeah, before I forget, I remember when I transplanted my plants into the 7 gallon bags and added the Nature’s Living Soil with the less expensive brand of potting soil I got at Lowes my plants shot up about 4 inches and then stalled out to where they are now. Another reason why I want to try adding a small amount of Big Bloom and Grow Big, To see if that mixture will kick start my plants into some more growth. Also, seeing how my plants are suppose to be heavy feeders from the get go. So Guys whatya think? Please let me know what your thoughts are. I really appreciate being able to come to a place like this and get answers to your questions… Thanks All

How your plants doing?

Oh Man, I don’t know if this is the right thing to do but the damn ph doesn’t wanna go down. I screwed up and added vinegar to the flush water and it lowered it to 7.0 from 8.4 but I noticed it was starting to go back up when I checked on them this morning. I would have kept flushing the plants yesterday but I ran out of 6.5 water so, I had to leave it at that. So, this morning I got fed-up with this ph crap and decided to take the plants and being careful with the root-ball and put one of them in fresh soil. After putting water on the fresh soil I started to see a change in the ph. Right now it’s holding heavy at 6.0. close enough for me. Now I have to wait to see if there is gonna be any adverse reaction to the soil change. I expect some shock but I’m hoping that’s all I get. It’ll bum me out big time if the plant kicks-off. Like I said: "I don’t know if it was the right thing to do or not but I was at my wits end. I guess all I can do for now is say a little prayer and keep my fingers crossed. Wish me luck… Constipation at The Constipation Think Tank.

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If you have water PH issues Look into "Recharge " by real growers it wont fix the issue but its gonna fix the way your plants take the nutrients.

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One of my little girls just growin in farm animal poop.


Ok but don’t I have to fix the high ph in my soil first? Oh BTW Loved the picture of the big lady in animal poop. See, that’s the kinda plant I wanna grow. Please get back to me on my question.

I have a question, did you use ph buffered soil on your lady in the picture?

I have a question, did you use ph buffered soil in any of your plants?

I have a question, did you use ph buffered soil in any of your plants?. Is it absolutely necessary to use ph buffered soil?

I add a little dolomite or sweet lime in my soil mix to get started. That helps keep the ph in check. I think most of the soil sold is buffered with something to get the ph at a good level for solid growth. Dolomite will help maintain a good ph but I always ph my water regardless. I think it’s necessary to ph if you want to grow big plants.
As for the transplant. As long as it wasn’t and auto there should be no problem with the transplant. The plant will appreciate the fresh soil.

Scrolled up to see what kind of soil you’re using. A couple things about the living soil. Normally with the living soil you cover the soil with straw or shredded paper. That will help hold the moisture. Then add a cover crop. Redbudsoilcompany.com has a great combination of clover, hairy vetch for nitrogen and buckwheat for phosphorus. As that grows it gets cut and added to the pot to create some decomposition at the soil level. Worms are also needed to eat decomposing plant matter and to help pull the top dress nutrients into the soil as they borrow down. Same company has a good top dress as well. I make my own now based off their recipe with a few extras I add to the mix.

You do all of this and you can reuse the same pots over and over again. I’m using the same pots for the second time and plan to continue to use them for a while longer.

If you want to stay organic I wouldn’t use the trio to feed. In a living soil to start there shod be no reason to feed until just before flower.

I’m set to watching. @Constipation If you have more questions feel free to tag me.

I only use composted chicken and cow manure and fresh from under the pen rabbit manure and some perlite . When i first started doing this i spent 100s of dollars on soil amendments and the plants grew okay few years ago i did a side by side test and the mostly manure plant/clone out performed my fancy soil . I run livestock and poultry so my manure is free and plentiful.
You need to get your plants lined up summer starts soon and the plants will start the preflower stretch in a couple weeks and they shift from stems and leaves to flower production.
Sometimes less is better in the handling them .

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I agree with you. I used compost over the winter more than top dress for my living soil. I also feel like the plants were happier. I’ve been composting chicken manure for the last several years. I use it for my veggie gardens normally. I’m starting to use it for my outdoor grow. Got some happy plants.

I’m starting to blend my old soil in with the compost with plans on using it when I get my indoor tent fired up again. I’m also raising turkeys and plan on keeping that manure compost pile going.