Question with feed and water

I have a question if is time to feed my bbys and how much water I can give now, I have calmag, florabio trio.

   Thanks you ![IMG_20210414_134757|375x500](upload://7nOQ4OAjAEvJ11caTTMntOdnpSi.jpeg) ![IMG_20210414_134820|375x500](upload://inF9QoWMvWXI3GYzh2eVzeF20wP.jpeg)

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Lol under the stairs Is a lot of info. Just to feed and water them lmao but here you answer

Sour diesel auto
Seed from ilgm best bank ever
Happy frog farm soil
Ph 6.5
Light 20/4
Indoor tent 2x2x4
Temp 77 f to 80f
Humidity 55 to 60
Ventilation 2 fan
5gl Fiber pot
Carbon filter but is off all time

You won’t need to feed for several more weeks. That soil has plenty of food already in it.


Thanks what about water

If its not too hot You barely have to water them at that stage… Under the dome even less. Misting the dome the soil and the plant should be enough…

Is that a drop of water on your plant? If so you should shake of bigger drops, they can focus light and burn your plants…


I spay with 6.5 and I have a gl ready and the nute to feed my bbys

My temp and humidity

Looks rather wet in these pictures…

Is 76 f and 46 humidity

Yes i can read upside down :wink:

Click your avatar on the rigt uper part of my response

I meant the soil…


Lmao sorry I take the pic now I don’t want to move anything but my girls look healthy and loving this heat and humidity

Just I want to smoke already lmao but I know I need to wait two months lol


Hmmm a classical case of I grow weed while the weed grows patience… I feel you… :wink:

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It’ll likely be longer than 2 months. The worst thing you can do… Is rush it!


What strain are you growing?

Eta… Sorry… :see_no_evil:sour diesel auto :man_facepalming: i can read upside down but apparently not right way up :rofl:


Lmao yes I have 20 seeds and I start with two seed to germinate and there is my bbys

Can I start with 1/4 teaspoon of calmag and floragrown on a gallon of water and feed half gallon to one and the other half to the other in a week?