Question about wiring inline fan

I know this may be a stupid question… But I have an Attwood 3inch turbo inline blower for ventilation but I have no idea how to wire this and what to wire it to lol…
Any advise or expirence would be nice :slight_smile:

You need and industrial extension cord so you can wire it goa plug , but this is 2016 , Google or YouTube can be very useful for this process .

Any 14-16 gauge wire will work. As mentioned. You can destroy an extension chord and wire black to the side of the insulated wire that has no line on it,.

Yellow to insulated wire with line. The line denotes to common or ground.

Or; Go to hardware store and buy 14-16 gauge wire the length you need. But an plug to go on one end, and wire black to black, and yellow to white. Good Luck.

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