6 inch in-line fan hook up

Good morning all. I have a question on what kind of switch or how to wire a 2 speed in-line fan. My back round is as an automotive tech, so goin from 12volt to 120volt is abit different. Any adice from anyone using a similar fan please let me knw how to wire it please and thank u.
Here is pic of fan

@Liljoe I just bought the cheap fan controls to control speed let me see if there is a link I can post


Beauty thanks.

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You’ll still need to wire your fan to a power cord to plug it into that controller, though. They make controllers that wire in, too.

@blackthumbbetty Mine has a wire that comes from the controller that plugs into the wall then you plug your fan into the controller this is the identical one that I have takes like a computer plug-in from unit to wall

I was just readin about it o link but this fan is a 2 speed and switch is 3 speed, not sure it will work. The switch sounds like a reostat design, i can prob get away with using a dimmer switch for lights? I have a home hardware store close to me, prob more chance them havin dimmer switch than me havin to order online.

I clicked on the link. This controller requires you plug the fan into it, then you plug the controller into the wall. I have this exact controller. Unless the version you mentioned is an option you can pick before adding it to your cart.

It’s actually an older hi power controller that I have that is a little bit different

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I will have to go for a ride to hardware store later, they sell the inline fans also, so maybe they have a switch for them also.
Thanks for the help

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It should be pretty easy to wire up, no matter what you go with. Like making a lamp in shop class. :grinning:

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More like this one lol thanks @blackthumbbetty

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Lots of help everyone, thanks again.

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You need a three step switch for that I don’t believe that’s a polarity type looks like you will need a high /low/ off switch or 3 click toggle will work cheap follow instructions on the switch you buy very easy if you have done 12v I do transformers and crud all the time jus follow the instructions as my dad once said… If all else fails read…:point_up:if you hook up a polarity switch I only hook up the high wire since you want high power to be your max unless that’s ungodly to fast and would never want that speed then only hook up low speed to be your max

Yes, 3 way toggle is what i was thinking. I ended up just using bullet connectors, low speed seems to work for now. If i need high speed i just switch connector.
Thanks @fano_man

Np bro glad I could help​:+1::+1:

You can wire you can wire you can actually wire to a regular switch to separate the two and go from high to low

You will need a house witch that is a three way that’s the way I did they work great

Ahh, i understand what u mean i tjink. @Smoken