Question about Pollination?

Hi All, so i had an Auto Purple Kush strain that was flipped way to early and was only very small, i decided to experiment by pollinating it with a Duckfoot i had that went male.
My question is will the seed it produced(and i did get a few from it) be Auto or Photo??


Both traits will be passed down so it depends on the seed you use. Could be like mom or like dad you just gotta see which.

Good luck either way, if they don’t pop by week 8 flipped to 12x12.

Just hope you don’t get male traits.

It will be a photo with Ab traits since auto is a recessive gene and and the photo was probably pure dominant.

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Forgive my ignorance, but what do you mean by AB traits?

Sorry tired i ment Aa i assume you know how genes work though

Dont know a lot about genes in plants, i guess ill wait n see what it turns out. I got about 12 seeds from it.

All genes work more or less the same dominant genes show through even when paired with a reccesive ( there’s a few cases that break that rule) so you need a 3rd generation of aa to get autos

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@AussieBud Your seed will be autos.
But regular. You’ll have to check for males.
Hope it goes well for you. :+1:


None of mine were, all were photos