Autos and photo?

Ok everyone have some simple questions just want to make sure I don’t mess anything up? So I have 1 auto will be 1 month old next week, my other didn’t make it they were BB, I contacted ILGMA support and they got some replacements on the way, so first shout out to Stacy moderator, and Sarah of customer support thanks a lot. So I put 3 others and they have popped and are 2 weeks old Friday. So my questions are
1 Got some photos seeds from wife family, it’s crap weed not good at all but my wife wanted me to try them, they all had a good tail and put in soil today. I have 2 tents all are in 1 tent now. How long before I know if the photos are male or female on the photos ?
2 is there any chance they can pollinate my autos ?
3 If they are males and are in different tents do I have to worry about them pollinating my autos in different tent, tents are about 3 feet apart all have separate air supply ?
4 if males can I keep them to make edibles with ?
Thanks out there I know I asking before I get that far, but don’t want to mess my good ILGMA seeds with crappy males bud

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Sarah is an awesome “support angel”. I’m sure ILGM’s other support crew are excellent as well, but speaking with Sarah actually made my day. :+1:


I wouldn’t even waste time with seeds from “crappy weed”.

  1. In my experience, plants don’t show preflowers indicating sex until they are 3-4 nodes tall.

  2. Yes, if you have male photos, they can pollinate female autos.

  3. If you have any males, I would ditch them as soon as you find them unless you are planning on breeding your females (sounds like you aren’t).

  4. Never have gotten bud off of any males …only females and herms. I would always pull the males long before they make flowers opened and dumped their pollen. If I wanted to save pollen from a male it would typically be an outdoor plant or isolated in another room from from females

Hope that helps.


Welcome to the community @Kingkupa

Photos vs auto the only way you know is photos need 12/12 to flowering, autos don’t need light schedule to flowering

Just for see if any one is male so you can move out of you tent

Male plant is just for pollen nothing more

Happy growing :metal::green_heart:

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So I will not know if my photos are male or female tell I flip there light schedule?
My autos come first so if I need to throw away photos I have no problem with that

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No they will show preflowers while still in vegetative stage.

  1. Yes, soon after flip.
  2. Yes, if you let the male flowers mature.
  3. Yes, totally possible. You’ll have to open the tents at some point.
  4. Male flowers do not produce usable amounts of THC.

Unless you are breeding, just bag and chunk the males.


What about if I keep them in separate tents. I have the light and fans and everything I need to have 2 separate setup?
Got it thank you

Plants will show preflowers before the lighting schedule is flipped. Below is a link that might help you a tad:

Look at the fourth post or so ^^^^^

If you have 2 tents, I’d want them full of females.


It’s from my wife grand father’s last grow, he past away a few months ago, more of a sentimental thing. I have probably a 100 seeds of more so hopefully some will be female, we use that stuff to make edibles


There’s a handy picture around here somewhere that shows how preflowers look. They appear during the vegetative stage so if you know what to look for, you can definitely sex your plants before ever flipping the light schedule.
One thing you may want to consider since you have 2 tents is once you have some established females, take cuttings and make clones. It will give you a headstart on your next cycle. Eventually you could have a “veg” tent and a “flower” tent. I definitely wouldn’t scrap the spare tent if it’s still serviceable.

Not trying to overload you with info, it’s just some things to consider. Another option is to grab some seeds from ILGM. They usually have decent specials. I think they have a buy 10, get 10 free special now? Guy some feminized photos going and maybe read up on cloning?

Good luck

I think this might help, Kupa.

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So I have thought about it, but I’m still a newbie I only 1 grow under belt, and that’s was 3 autos. So I know I have a lot to learn but looking forward to the challenge. So maybe one day


@ILGM.Stacy this is my support dream person! If it ever comes to any issues I know who to call on!

@ILGM.Stacy seems like the op and you have already taken care of this issue but I do like tagging you :wink:


Definitely keep it as long as you can if it’s a photo you can put it into veg forever and make clones to pass around to the family


The only reason I would keep a male plant around is if I wanted to produce seeds other than that I would toss it.