Question about my lights

My 1000w full spectrum light has lost half of the lights. Does that mean it’s now 500w?

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Probably weren’t 1000 watt to begin with. Those lights most of the time have 1000 LEDs that are 1 watt each. They are never driven at full capacity. Most “1000W” lights are 560 to 600 actual watts. If half of your lights aren’t on, you probably have about 300 to 330 watts.

I’m in the 3rd week of flowering.So will it be ok to continue the grow. I also have a 300w Mars in with it. It’s a 2x5x7 room.

I assume that’s a LED light and depend on how the drivers are mounted, you have either an half an half with an equal % of red/blue diodes related too each drivers as it should be or, a 50-50% undependatly of blue/red diodes repartition.

In either case, you’ll endup with an approximate 500W equivalent but with different Kelvin emission, the first case scenario is the best…

So, if the spectrum is intact, you’ll be ok for now, otherwise you’re in trouble… Just put a regular white letter paper on the floor right at the bottom of your door growing area and slightly open the door until you begin to see light come true. Open moreor less until you’ll see on the white letter paper some dim light. You should,at this point see if a rainbow like spectrum appear, this is good. If you see only red or blue, it’s not good…

Anyway, contact the compagny who made your light and ask for a replacement light because one of the driver have “quit the job”…

Hoping that’s helping you @Angieg2001 if you have further questions, do not hesitate to @ anyone here, you’re at the right place​:grinning:, and welcome to ILGM forum :grinning:

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Thanks for the info. I’m not new with this site. I had my phone stolen and this is a new one. My old name was Rdg1951(Chromie). Now I’m under my daughters name…Angieg…lol. Oh well thanks for the help.

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You’re welcome , Chromie…:grinning::wink::+1::ok_hand:

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There are some very knowledgeable people here regarding lights. Particularly led’s. It’s a confusing mess with no real standards. @dbrn32 might have something to say about that haha.

As for actual wattage, most “1,000 watt” led’s run 22-25% of the rating. Even at optimum you could benefit from a bit more light IMHO.

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Just checked the light like you suggested and I have rainbow color. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this grow with that light and the 300w Mars

You should be ok then… espacelly if they’re in late flowering stage (last 3-4 weeks):wink::grinning:

Otherwise, if your budget is limited an allowing , try to add some CFL, warm (3500K) if they are in flowering stage. ., cool (5000K +) if in vegetative stage…

Hoping that’s helping you @Angieg2001 ,

~Al :v: :innocent:


Looks like @Niala has you covered. I would assume some sort of connection came lose or driver failure. Best to contact seller and see what they’ll do for a replacement.

If you don’t have any luck getting a replacement, we can try to walk you through troubleshooting and repair.

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Chromie, you can just rest the password of the old account @Angieg2001

Hey Bob… I tried a couple things and this worked out. I guess Chromie is under cover and going bye Angie…lol. I’m going to try and finish this grow with the lights I have. They look pretty good for only being in late 3rd week of flowering. ![1504798555162-1652149654|281x500]

. Maybe in in a couple weeks I can get another Mars. Happy growing my friend. Chromie

Ok Sounds good and looks good! Tag if you need help! @Angieg2001 @Rdg1951