Full spectrum or adjustable wave LED

I have two 600 watt HID lights now in a 4x4x8 room.
I’m going to add a 1000 watt LED as well.
The price of full spectrum LED lights are much more affordable than adjustable wave length lights
Don’t want to bust the bank, also don’t want to waste cash.
Will I be good with the full spectrum?

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Depends its a 1000 Watts, what is its true wattage

Hi @hillbilly103, and welcome to ILGM forum :grinning:,

If the 1000 watts LED light have COB , Epistar or Epiled second generation diodes, you’ll be good, imo. These should give you enough PAR and lumens…

Generaly, good LED manufacturer, will have calibrate their full spectrum light to be suitable for the entire growth (both vegetative and flowering stages), even some “cheap” ones (under 200$) and have more red spectrum diodes than blue spectrum diodes in a between 70-30 and 60-40 ratio…

So, since you seem to gone a use your 2 HID with the LED, and I assume that the HID are the dual ones (MH/HPS), i see the LED in the center and the HID on the side, but that’s me…:wink:, you just have 16 foot square to cover after all, :wink:

Hoping that’s helping you, hillbilly103…

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The light I’m looking at is a King Plus 1000
Actual wattage draw is 185 watts
LED Type: Epistar LEDs
For $30 more I can get the same light in a 1200 watt with a 235 watt draw.

I’m actually thinking of useing my current room and two 600watt MH/HPS lights for veg only and setting up a special 4x4x8 room for flower with two of the King Plus 1200 lghts
Am I overthinking this or should I " just do it. "?


@Niala don’t you use those lights as well ?
I think you be fine with the two king plus 1000 watts for your flower room I would go with the 1200 myself for the extra 35 ea but that me
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@Majiktoker and @Niala are great guys and will get you where you need to be
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I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 if it were possible id dish out the extra $35 for the 1200 watt light or Atleast 2 1000 watt panels for sure


I possess the King Plus 1000 watts, 10 watts double chips (2-5 watts diodes/chips) and I am a very, very happy costumer :grinning:

It permit me to harvest 2 pound with 5 plants in a 2×2×8 closet :wink:

For you, in a 4×4×8 space, already equip with 2-600 watts HID that you seem to go with in the addition of the LED, I would most probably go with the 1200 , question to equilibrate the advertise “equivalent watts” of the King Plus with the 1200 total watts of your HID, but that’s will be me, you’ll be happy with the 1000 watts too since it have a foot print of 3×4…

Do not let anybody tell you that the low actual or real draw of that lamp affect the PAR, the lumens and the lux/foot candle value. The 1000 equivalent watts IS the true equivalent watts. I have tested it with a lux meter… This is a very powerful light and it’s suitable for all the stage of growth from vegetative to flowering stage, I even do my seedling/sprouting with it… It also have 1 UV and 1 IR 10 watts chip that will help for photosynthesis, flowering and sanitazation to fight against mold and pest to a certain point, limit… And please, respect the height chart value…

Hoping that’s enlighten you a little, @hillbilly103
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P.s. Just saw your comment on what you’re planning to do, and, imo, go with the two 1200 watts if you’re going to use it alone without the HID… :wink: :innocent:

Lol😀 @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971, I was typing when you were answering, lol :wink: :innocent:


Thanks John :grinning::laughing::wink::innocent:

Many thanks for the help!!
I’m ordering two of the 1200 watt lights right now!


I am sure that your gone a be a very happy costumer, like I am… :grinning: :wink:

Happy growing @hillbilly103,

And you’re welcome, it’s always a pleasure to help a fellow grower :grinning:,

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Big Brown truck will be here Monday
$338 for 2 King Plus 1200 lights delivered !!
I can live with that, it’s actually over $150 less than my two IPower 600 watt hid lights after I add in the ducting and fans the hid’s require
Thanks again
This whole forum is more helpful than a pocket on a shirt :+1::sunglasses:


Lol :joy:

That’s a good one @hillbilly103


@Niala you tested a king 1000w against a 1000 watt hps?

I’m only familiar with the par readings of de gativa, but we were getting almost 1800 ųmols at 24 inches. I see the king 1000w listed at 447 ųmols at 24 inches. That’s like 4x the difference isn’t it?

Being an led fan boy myself, I’m definitely aware of how led’s can do more work with the same amount of power. But you don’t think saying this model is equivalent is just a little bit of a stretch?

My understanding is that PAR only measures the amount of full spectrum light at a given distance.
Not the spectrum specifically needed by plants at different stages of growth
Right? Wrong?

A par reading should be all the light between 400nm and 700nm. According to McCree, this was found to be the wavelengths plants turned into photosynthesis. It’s pretty much built within the name. Photosynthetic Active Radiation.


Ok I’ll work with that

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I’m not 100% clear on what you’re asking, but that’s what par is anyway.

We absolutely attempt to provide different types of light during different phases of growth. But the term “full spectrum” is widely overused.

What does full spectrum mean to you? By lighting manufacturer standards, it usually means they provide at least some amount of light from 400nm to 700nm. But there’s no standard for how much of each wavelength they follow. That’s the difference between a good full spectrum grow light, and a crappy one.

I will agree the price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good or bad.

To me full spectrum light is everything the sun produces from the UVs to to IR and everything in between
I do understand that some wave length of light is not required by plants for photosynthesis to occur
What would help me choose or compare one light to another is a graphed par measurement showing how much of each wave length is produced

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You’re absolutely right @hillbilly103. Most light manufacturers will provide them. You should absolutely pay attention to those charts.

I will post the spectral graph for the king 1000w below. Notice how according to the graph, it doesn’t produce any light below 400nm? That’s the uv they claim, doesn’t exist. It does produce some light above 700nm, as seen on the graph. But it’s not nearly as much as others.

Another full spectrum light may produce light from 365nm to 840nm, with a much different concentration of blue to red. Yet it’s still just a full spectrum light with uv and ir.

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I’m setting up a flowering room separate from the room I have now. It’ll be another 4x8x8 leaning toward 8 of the Mars 300 watt LEDs
Instead of the 2 - 1200 watt King plus lights I have now in the veg room
What do you think about that approach