Question about Autoflower descriptions

So when I read descriptions about some Autoflower strains. Some of them say not for the beginner or for more advanced Growers. Why is that it seems to me that if you could grow one Autoflower you could grow them all. What makes some different than others. It seems the ones that it says this about our sativa dominant

Some strains are more sensitive to environmental problems. White widow, for instance, is more resistant to environmental stress than many strains. Some of the landrace strains (e.g Durban poison) are less tolerant of challenges.

I suggest growing photos. It is a myth that autos are easier to grow. They can be twitchy and they give you less time to address any problems that might come up since you have no control over when they flower.


Those hiccups apply to photos as well, you dont get lost time back from photos either. Yes they can be corrected. But lost time is lost time for any grower.

Both require good light good nutes, both need a medium.

My hiccup, Ph level was my fault, not the seed.

I never expected 5 to 15 ozs, enough to not buy anymore, and that has been maintained.

Rookie on his 4th grow, all autos, just my opinion, they are a plant that needs the same love as an photos. Just another tool in the toolbox.