Queensland, Australia

Hey guys, I am asking Queenslanders a couple of questions.

  1. Is it hard to get the seeds into the state, If so is there a solution?

  2. What stains would be advised for outdoor growth, and what one of these would produce the most bud?

Regards Dread

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Hi @Dreadpirate,
I have received seeds from ILGM, Sebring seeds and a couple of private gifts and received them all,
if they are done discreetly :wink:
Thank you for reaching out.

Good vibes, keep it green :v:


Thanks for clearing that up @Enlightened420 , if just heard so many stories I couldn’t tell. Do you have any suggestions for Australian outdoor growth? and what would produce the most?

I only grow indoors for obvious reasons, but there is much knowledge to be read regarding strain suitability, if I may be so humble as to suggest, start looking strains that prefer Mediterranean environments and can withstand ozzy heat.
Apologies, duty calls.
@kaptain3d @Oldguy @Hoppiefrog @Covertgrower,
Any strain suggestions for our hellish environment Gentlemen?


Sorry about rushing off,
had to work. Knowing what I know now, if I were growing outdoors, I would be looking at a hardy growing strain, Chocolope was very tough and can withstand heat and humidity, sativas and similar outdoor varieties would probably thrive also.
If planning an outdoor grow,
I would take my environment into consideration and plan the timing accordingly, as timing can be the difference a between successful grow and a hard learned lesson.
Please feel free to tag any of us for further info.


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@Enlightened420 If I were to start running it indoor what equipment would you suggest? and could you provide me with links? I don’t care much for the price as long as I’m not paying something mad like 5k total.

I agree with any sativa being able to withstand heat and humidity better than some indica strains.

Lighting will be your single highest expense. HLG, (Horticulture Lighting Group) offers probably the most cost affective solution. Cutter led out of Australia is a little closer to you, I have some of their strips, and they’re phenomenal.

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If going the indoor option, I would recommend these also, if I had my time over, I would build a system through cutter led, as covert said their strip’s are phenomenal :v:

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