Quantom boards Canada? Anyone order?

Anyone In Canada ever order QB’s? If so where from? I am in Ontario Canada
@Ozzimotosan1 @Oldguy @dbrn32

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Yes sir.
Horticulture lighting group Canada.
Google it.


I’m still runnin hps brother. So no I haven’t yet. :wink::v:

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I have been looking on HLG Canada, thanks. Emailed them Friday and today but no reply yet.
@oldguy I still have all my hid lights but wnna cut the hydro bill dwn abit lol


I was going to suggest hlg Canada as well. I haven’t dealt with them personally, but seems place to go.


What are your thoughts on these @dbrn32 ?

You can probably get a better light for the money. They are better than most lights you will find on Amazon and ebay, but not enough to justify price.


Hate to bug u AGAIN @dbrn32 but any thoughts on these

Also u mentioned the new Mars Hydros r decent?
Never realized all the choices out there and the Canadian prices SUCK HAIRY A$@!!! Lol
Still waitin on replies for QB’s with pricing for multiple 260 kits

Hey @Wallace, welcome! :v:

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Those amare lights were nice when they came out, they are dated now. They run under 2 umol/joule.

Just came across these

@dbrn32 this one here has got my attention. What are your thoughts?

I’m anti gavita because they are now owned by Scott’s miracle grow. But it’s a pretty nice fixture.

I’m going to have to remove those links that aren’t from approved vendors. At this time we only allow links from Amazon, dealzer, and aliexpress.

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Oops my bad, thought it was just seed stuff we couldnt put links to.
Thanks @dbrn32
And HLG Canada emailed me back anf told me I have to order from USA site…so whats the point of HLG Canada…

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Not sure, but I feel like they only stock limited components.

Ya they only have the 550 and the 300. The only 2 that have been CSA approved in Canada. Kits r not approved. I talked to my hydro store guy and he said a guy in B.C. paib 10 grand to get them CSA approved.
Is the 550 QB worth 1300 bucks? @dbrn32

@dbrn32 can I put an Ebay link up?

Those r just screen shots of what I am lookin at, thinking of 2 of them in my 5x5. Prob overkill but they r about 700 bucks each.

Ebay links aren’t approved sorry.

I’m not sure what exchange rate and duties are, but hlg-550 is $1000 here. They also usually run a discount code on it Thanksgiving weekend. When ordering the knock offs you need to make sure it’s from reputable vendor. Sone of them don’t use same quality of leds.


Ok thanks @dbrn32
In Can the 550 is 13 almst 1400. Yes with code it comes dwn to about 1200. Would 1 550 be good in a 5x5 or should I look at 2 300’s? Just cant get the R-SPEC in the CSA approved 300 yet…:thinking:
Never thought pickin a new light could be so complicated. But I really appreciate you taking time to answer my silly questions and I hope I dnt have to bug u much more lol

@dbrn32 I have also noticed some of the others I am looking at claim to use the samgsung top bin, same #'S as QB’s and lots with meanwell drivers. Does that mean good quality or ??