New product on amazon?

Doesn’t ship to Canada

being u found it on amazon, i doubt it is any good.!

cheap lights end up costing u more then good lights.!!
i m biased tho, i m poor and do not like wasting money.!


Don’t do it @roaddog those driverless COB’s really are junk. Extremely inefficient.

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@OldSkunk built a pretty extravagant light out of them. Had problems with keeping them cool and low performance. Eventually got into more quality cobs.

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@dbrn32 Heat control seems to be the major deficit in their construction, but my son is urging me to try water cooling. That should be interesting on a high voltage, cheaply made product but more on that later. Also, I would hope the sellers understanding of opto-electronics is better than their command of the english language.

@dbrn32 Is it possible to go to the posts by @OldSkunk?


You bet