QB 260 dimming question

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Sorry Question was what power should my dimmer be on during early vegetative growth? Also was wondering if someone could offer any heights? I’m growing autos in a 3X3 tent 5 gallon fabric pots & an airpot.

Your height will be good somewhere between 24 and 36 in. Just watch for stretch, if it starts just lower your light a little until stretch stops. And you can run 60 to 75 percent on the dimmer. They dont need nearly as much light as in flower

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Thanks Sirsmokes. The site recommended for a 3X3 but I see a lot with higher watts in same sized tents. Usually multiple smaller boards though. I was thinking about adding my pink COB for more watts 210 wall watts.

With quantum boards you can shoot for 30 -35 watts per sq ft. So a 3x3 you will be ok with slightly less than 300w. Im not familiar with the max watt draw of the 260.

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I’ve been told 285 but I have no way to measure.

That’s the only drawback to the QBs. I bought a Kill a Watt meter to measure the draw. That dimmer screw is super sensitive! I ran my 260s at about 150w throughout veg and have gradually increased the wattage after flip. Mine should be at 250w in a couple days.

So don’t go full 260/285 watts until 12/12 flip. See I think that’s where I messed up before. Thanks