Puzzling over a persistent pythium problem

I have a blue dream that is about 3 weeks from harvest and she developed a pythium infection. I can already see the plant begin to eat itself as its nutrient uptake from the root zone diminishes. I know how I caught the stuff. It’s going to require a full operational reset on my 2 booth perpetual grow setup. I just want to limp this gal over the finish line if possible. Because if not, I’m gonna be boned for like 4 months. I’m running hydroponic DWC single buckets per plant, with independent chillers on each. Water temps are 68° but the pythium still showed up. I’ve been using hydro guard per suggested ratios every week of its flowering cycle. Im feeding advanced nutrients sensi-grow/bloom at their master level nutrient recipe. The plant is about 15 weeks from seed.

I’m thankful for any and all input.

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Did you try going sterile?


Swap out your nutrient rez for a mild peroxide/water solution or use something like Florakleen and run for several hours, then drain and refill rez with nutes. That’s about all you can do at this point.


I don’t understand what you are asking me.

Thank you. H2O2 is accessible nearby. Anything else requires a couple hrs to town and back. Any ideas as to nominal ratio? And define “several hours” for me, please

Make it ata 40:1 ratio and run for 12 hours as an example

Peroxide will break down quickly so there’s not much benefit to running for more than a couple of hours, unless you replenish the peroxide as it gasses off. I would run something like 1 cup per gallon of 3% for four hours max. You also, unless water becomes turbid, can simply mix fresh nutes into that same solution as the peroxide will be gone. If you have access to R/O I would definitely use that.

If you have any really nasty bits of root you can also carefully clip that out and discard.


Thank you, immensely.

I will be trying that later today.

Peroxide would be running sterile res. It’s just not the only way to do it.


I use uc roots in my cloners is this something that could be benificial in a dwc or rdwc setup? @HappyHydroGrower runs great hydro grows with awsome results and has probably experienced this.