Purple spots on seedlings

I transplanted them last night and woke up with this anyone know what it is?

  1. Indoor 11 seedlings
  2. Montreal
  3. Feminized
  4. Tap ph of 7.0
  5. Solution 6.3 not used yet.
  6. Soil- all purpose pro mix
  7. Not started
  8. 1 led seedling light
  9. 18-20c
  10. 60-72%
  11. Ac and dehumidifier as needed.
  12. Yes tent vent, open air as carbon filter stopped functioning.
  13. No
  14. 3 years
  15. $1000s spent currently.
  16. No hydro.

Could be a little transplant shock. Same medium?


No, they started in jiffy pods then transplanted in to all purpose pro mix


She might be a bit in shock due to the transplant and also the nutrient shes taking due to the pro mix. She will make ot dont worry


Thanks man, that is extremely helpful.

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I also am using jiffy pods when I’m ready to transplant can I stick the whole jiffy pod in dirt

I do the same, normally once they are rooting out decently, they normally work really well in my experience, i have heard good things about rockwool as well but havent tried myself.

I’ve always had problems with those jiffy pods. Ever time I’ve tried them, I had stunted plants.


Interesting, you know i could see that happening, i have had to deal with root aphids a couple times now which means ripping up my root ball after harvest looking for them and each time i could still find the jiffy pod in the center, i expected that the pod would get ripped apart but it stays as a really tight root mass which could definitely cause the plant to stunt due to constriction, like a small part of the plant is always rootbound, i have heard good things about rockwool

Jiffy pots always give problems. They dont degrade fast enough, plants become root bound and ph issues start arising.

In my experience they dont degrade at all, the roots are simply strong enough to rip through them but even after 4 mths when i check my root mass i can always still find them intact with a compact root mass inside, i could see that causing all sorts of problems, what do you use instead?

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I use the burpee seed starter trays with the silicone bottoms.


Interesting, i may look in to those for my next season, thanks for the recommendation.

Get a qtip of sometin and get those water drops off the leaves as that can cause “lensing” and burn little holes on the leaves.

Yes i have been, i switched to a led light this year and it has been causing them to accumulate far more liquid then my previous fluorescents.

I believe one of my plants was stunted but someone told me that I could peel the outer layer off the jiffy pod before planting into pot I’ll try that next time to see if it helps I could be wrong