Purple kush first time

My first purple kush


my first purple kush,the bigger plant on right…
i have high hopes for this strain…
hope your PK grow turns out well @Happyweed84


@Happyweed84 pics?

Will put pics as soon as it pops its head up

second day of germination. Not as lot to look at. Not in focus!! Will be using grow cap’s with this grow. Any advice?


@Happyweed84 hows the grow?

I just dropped my very first ever in water last night. I went with purple kush as my choice as well. I’ll be anxious to see how yours will be going.

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i want to see how the plants are doing with the all in one grow caps

@Missiles do you have a grow log, tag me?

Yes I do. I posted last night when I soaked the seed. I believe I tagged you then. If not I’ll make sure I do.

oh ya im in there

:wink:. In there like swimwear :joy::rofl::joy:. Sorry had to.

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ya we blew up ur thread in multple directions. u took it both ways :joy::rofl:

Ha ha yeah I just let you all go. You were talking way over my head.

or we were full of sh!t lol

good times

LoL. That’s for sure. Good times

The grow is going very well plants were LST trained two weeks ago and is growing fast. Grow caps is doing great no feed so far only water when needed the plant must be at least 1ft in length. Will add pics


post some pics?

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Will do as soon as I can

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Has yours sprouted yet? Just ordered some critical autos. Have you any idea about this strain. Had last time and pleased with it so ordered again.

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