New grow Journal by kush king wheez

Hello all i hope im doing this right 1soil grow with various kush bag seeds. Exotic grow coming soon. So for now join me and lets grow some bud!


Pictures are welcomed here too!

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They coming now just had to upload

This is how the fab 5 started under the blueberry light in a 3x3 tent

Looking good! If you can do natural lighting next time we wouldn’t be mad. Off to a good start though.

This is the 2nd wk now under mars hydro ts 1000w light inside 3 gal smart pots.

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These are all kush bag seed for my 1st soil grow. Out of the 5 there were 2 that were struggling 1 grows slow and the other was a lil burnt. A lil more about this 4th one it was 1 of the 2 that were lil the burnt 1 actually. It started in Nector of the God #4 soil like the rest, now its in FFOF soil and is getting better. Will she catch up or even past the rest??

Also if you want to see more of this and any grow especially my 1st exotic soil grow in my new 4x4 Mars Hydro tent. Then it would be awesome if you can come along on this dope ass journey with me on my grow channel. Nothing fancy just me and the plants. Hit the link below and lets grow 420 fam!!

I would recommend to not spray your leaves during lights on. You’ll end up with burned leaves.


More photos of the plants.

This was after transplant and i watered around the root base of the lil plant so the roots can start to stretch out into the new soil and some got on the leaves but it was taken care of after pic was taken

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No worries just trying to help. I see a lot of burned leaves on the forum.


These pic were taken 2 days ago a close up of the plants.

Uploading: 20200826_113215.jpg… Uploading: 20200826_113225.jpg… Uploading: 20200826_113235.jpg… Uploading: 20200826_113240.jpg… Uploading: 20200826_113245.jpg… Uploading: 20200826_113256.jpg… Uploading: 20200826_113322.jpg… Uploading: 20200826_113330.jpg… Uploading: 20200826_113349.jpg…

I hope this is a girl its growing so well. Lol i kinda like not knowing tho its like a pregnancy reveal. Hey that may be on my channel plant reveal :joy::rofl::joy:

Live updates on my grow channel please stop thru say hi and give me some feed back

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I really like my fabric pots. Moving up to a 5 gallon pot next grow. 3 is fine for my autoflowers, but I think I will need larger for any mom plants…

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May want to look up the FFOF in the search bar. I had a bad experience on an inside grow and burnt up a nice plant that was in FFOF soil… I fed,using FF Trio. Good news I have 3 outside that are in FFOF soil in 3gal fabric pots that I have only given PH’d rain water and they are doing great.


Today is the 1st day of nutes im giving to the plants technafloras recipe for success want to see the mixing and feeding vid check out my grow channel