Purchase of mixture

Is it possible to buy 5 seeds which is all I can grow at one time, of a mixed auto flower


Not from ILGM. Seedsman sells mixed packs. Some others also. Seedsman has been good to me. I do not buy ILGM not because of quality…because i cant mixem up and 10 a pop or bogo 10 is too many of 1 strain for me. Especially photo. 1 bean of that gives me a year of clones. If ILGM ever gets on point and makes smaller and mixed packs available they have me forever.


If autos are your thing, I’d look at Mephisto. Some of their varieties are sold by 1, 3, or 7 packs, and others come in 1, 5, or 10 packs. They also give a couple of extras in each pack, and then some freebies of mixed strains with every order as well. I like ILGM autos also, but I understand not wanting to buy larger quantities of the same seeds.

I’ve grown lots of Mephistos strains. If you’re looking for really big autos, Mango Smile, Alien vs Triangle, and ManBearAlienPig come to mind. If you like more medium sized plants, Sour Stomper, Forum Stomper, Double Grape, Walter White, 4 Assed Monkey, Forgotten Cookies, Sour Orange Diesel Kush, and Super Orange Haze have all been awesome plants for me.