Pruning trim cannabutter - awesome

Firstly, I was confused about trim and it’s uses, varying opinions, suggestions and options. So I write this for others that might also have questions about making cannabutter, what u can use and how it affects you (or how it affected me) .

My first winter grow had minimal harvest and even less trim so I didn’t have much to play with. My outdoor grow this summer however, has been very fruitful and enjoyable. I’ve been saving all my prunings, dried them on a screen, ground them and decided to have a go at making cannabutter. I’d already tried smoking the trim and got a small buzz but also a headache so I was reluctant to do it again.

So I had a total of 1.5 oz of ground trim, no flower, NO SUGAR LEAVES, just the new growth that I pruned off at least once a week or so.

I watched hightimes ultimate cannabutter challenge (or something like that) on YouTube and decided on the winner that decarbs w heat and everclear then simmers in the butter for 6 hours in the slow cooker. The decarbing alone filled the house with very pungent smells but the 6 hr long simmer was almost more than I could handle lol. By the end it was smelling very nutty and actually appetizing. After I strained it through cheese cloth, it was a very rich dark green, pretty cool looking!

I bought a box of salted caramel brownie mix that called for 1/3 cup of oil, cannabutter it is! I could smell it as they baked but it wasn’t unpleasant, again it had a nutty smell.

After they cooled, I cut them into approximately 1.5" squares, got 25 brownies total. I started w 2 (I’d planned one 1 but they were really good :blush: ). I timed any reaction and about 1 hr later, I realized I was feeling buzzed. That intensified over the next 2-3 hrs but I felt very mellow and super relaxed. It was different than a smoke high, almost softer somehow if that makes sense. I am mainly in search of help w restless leg syndrome and insomnia so I ate 2 around 8pm last night and no RLS and I was out w/in a 1/2 hour. Only complaint is I still feel a bit high this morning. I’ll try just 1 brownie tonight to see if I get what I need w/o the leftover high the next morning.

I think next time I’m going to make something less tasty…it was all I could do not to eat that entire pan lol. I think that would be another negative effect for me, the munchies were far worse than after I smoke.

Btw, I used 1.5 oz of white widow with 3/4 cup of unsalted butter and instead of spraying with everclear I used gin :).


@Jen That’s an excellent way to describe it. I too make edibles for sleep and love them. Peanut butter cookies are my go to. But you are right that it is hard not to go back for more. I now always have to have a bag of Lays plain potato chips in the house as my “after edibles” go to.


First time grower here, I really just want to say thank you so much for posting this. I am extremely interested in making cannabutter, and wanted to make cookies eventually. New to all this growing stuff, and I had the basic idea how to make cannabutter, but was unaware of being able to use trimmed leaves. I will save everything whenever I trim. I thought I had to use a quality bud. Suppose that I could, but why not if you have leaves you could use? What about the stems? No good?
I am unaware of this alcohol involved, so you soak it in alcohol the THC binds to it, then evaporates when you simmer it in the crock pot?

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Hi @Covertgrower, so glad you found it helpful! I mainly used the new leaves but my understanding is you can use whatever part of the plant you want. The effectiveness/strength will depend on the quality of material you start with. Once I get flower and “sugar leaves” after I trim my buds, I’ll make another batch and see how it effects me.

As for the method, here is a link to the video, again I didn’t have everclear and didn’t want to go buy it so I used what I had, gin. A higher proof alcohol would probably be a better choice tho.