Pruning Big Shade Leaves

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I have lovely [legal with Rx] outdoor plants on my warm sunny patio; what is your opinion on pruning big (as big as my hand!) shade leaves? When? Also, shall I pluck the tops to create bushier plants?”

It is personal preference weather or not you want to top your plants. Being that they are outside you will most likely have ample light penetration to the lower
Chutes. In indoor grows topping is good because it allows the lower branches to grow up so that you have a even canopy that your light can reach creating bigger buds. If you want to be more stealthy even though it is legal some people still like to keep a low profile. If you have several plants you could try topping a couple and not topping others to see the results first hand.
As for trimming off big shade leafs I personally leave my leafs.


@Jmesser80 has it bang on

Growing outdoors I wouldn’t recommend pruning any leaves, the sun will penetrate to all of them! Nice reply @Jmesser80