Pruning advise for my outdoor girl

So I’ve got this Mother Reveg plant I started indoors then took outside to flower.
I’m into 3rd week of flowering now and wondering if I should chop the lowest buds at this point? They look ok but not sure if AT THIS POINT it’s worth chopping them? I was thinking since it’s got Good natural light it my be worth keeping them or if I chop them would it send more energy to the top? Never grew outside before.


A lot of growers will take off the bottom 1/3 of the plant at this point. Otherwise defoliate only as necessary to maintain good airflow within the plant’s canopy.


Nice reveg!! She must have been a beast first go around. No wonder you are using her as a mother. Let us know how the harvest goes. :sunglasses::metal:t2:


I wouldn’t thin her at this point.


Yes remove all lower 1/3 leaves and I call them suckers. Little buds/flowers well below the grow line they take away what the buds need


Not much of a difference in how the buds grow from inside to outside. If it looks like they don’t get much light I’d remove them so it can focus on more of the tops. Bottom third most always comes out to be the larfy buds lollipop and defols the unnecessary buds up the centers of the stems that look small now. I go by bud looks. If tops are like 1 inch round if the bottoms are not half the size of the tops or more I chop them. It’s a pain in the arse to trim larf bud lol

I’d trim out some of the lower branches and interior “thin” branches. I typically take any branch that comes out from the bottom of a main branch and every other vertical branch to help push more energy upward. Happy Farming!!!


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Hahaha! Love the “natural” picture!! :smile:

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