Progression outdoor California dream and zkittles

Hey guys 7 weeks in since transplanting into large pot. Two feminized California dream and 1 zkittles . Weather is starting to get ripe here in Melbourne Australia so looking forward to these puppies flourishing over the next couple months. I had a little white fly problem and damaged some leaves can I trim these off would it affect the plant at this stage? Let me know what you think :wink::v:


You can leave them or cut the damaged leaves. I would cut them once you get new growth. For White flies use plant therapy early and often it will save you later.


@Greenthumbandy I second @Kevfrmthestl you can trim off those sugar leaves that are damaged. Nice work!! Keep it up!!

White flies are an over saturation issue . Dry your medium out (or your yard best you can) and it will eliminate the issue. I wouldnโ€™t spray on your plant but can treat grass with a Neonicotinoid - I would recommend temprid fix by Bayer. Cut your grass really low before applying so you get the intended results (and donโ€™t cut for awhile after). Also avoid treating before rain fall (2-3 days atleast)

I would definitely trim off the damaged fan leaves :+1: