Outdoor ww auto what’s it doing ? 10 weeks old

Not sure what it is doing fox tail maybe plant is airy as should I just chop it ?

Interesting. Looks very Ruderalis-ish.

Did you grow any others from that seed batch?

Yea I got another that is about 5 weeks ish old that is heading in same direction il show ya 1 sec

duh! Title outdoor.

I don’t know dude. Ive got 8 WWA outside and while some of the buds are smallish, they look like “normal” buds.

If seen small sections of bud that are a few stacked calyx like yours, but that was an extension of a larger bud.

This is one going same way

Airy stick buds instead of fat round lol :man_shrugging:

Then some fattys

Crazy, mine are 6 weeksih along. I don’t have any recent pics, but this is a week plus old.

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Yea nice there going well

Ok, so some are “normal” but 2 are like your first photos?

I had to trim leaves yesterday this was under a few leaves each plant after I allready dealt with gnats then I find whitefly nests

I’m assuming ILGM? If so, contact customer service. See what they say.

Ye I got 2 normal out of 10 :man_facepalming: Spent to much time on them to waste so il keep cooking them and get some airy chop I geuss

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Been at war for a while with gnats and white flys

What are you using?

Used that earth stuff I think u suggested on my other post and I sprayed with pyrenthem and it worked well then after not attending to plants for few days after boom I spend some time with them and see few white flys stuck to sticky traps so I look under leaves and fml eggs everywhere so I just trimmed off leaves that were heavy affected and main fan leaves I picked eggs off them didn’t wanna chop and now I pulled down the green house and put the plants out back near fence they can stay there now till I chop just over it so much work never ever will I grow outdoors again never never never

Bring the 7 plants in at night don’t wanna get them rained on and the wife goes off cause they smell through the whole house specially the 2 that are almost ready for harvest she goes I woke up with sticky feeling nostrils from smelling that stuff all night :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::+1::+1:

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@AAA that plant I first inq about the airy one it’s about 10 weeks in should I just chop it u think ? Can’t see it fattening up in a couple weeks it will just stay airy correct ?

Yeah, chop. Condolences on the late flower drama!