Production of seeds

Will the seeds produced by my aauto flowering plants produce auto flowering seeds ?

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Of course they will be as long as both parts are auto they will carry the ruderalis* genes. Tho I wouldn’t want to use them as next generation plants…

Unless they were both from regular auto flower seeds and not feminized seed. If they come from feminized seeds you’d have more chance of a hermaphrodite

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I finished some plants I grew from S1 seeds I collected from a batch of ILGM Girl Scout Cookie Extreme feminized plants I grew last year.
ILGM original GSC eXtreme from last year

S1 plant started late October

March 27 picture of plant from S1 mother Cloned 1st of December


Mine were photos ,every seed that I grew from Hermed WW auto


This is a WW auto bag seed. It’s a photo not an auto


I’ve also yet to grow any auto that doesn’t eventually herm at the end.

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I have read that if you keep pulling all males out the plants want to multiply so strongly that they will become morphs. Back in the early 80s I grew plants out of some prettier good Mexican sinceamellia that eventually turned into morphs