Problem with szkittles auto flower

Hey all this is my second grow and they are just about ready. The question is starting from the bottom up the fan leaves have been turning yellow and the odor seems to be diminishing. And the buds don’t seem as sticky as they should any idea if this is normal. Or is this normal when the plant finishes. My first grow was indoors in soil and they were photoperiod blue dream those came out awesome even though I had spider mites. The odor didn’t diminish when they were ready. These plants are 10 1/2 weeks they grew very fast for 4 weeks when I say that upwards but ,

they started to bud at 3 weeks which seems incredible after growing photoperiod plants. After the upward growth stopped at 4 weeks the flowering took only 5 weeks and where I’m at today. Any ideas? Or are these just ready?

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Welcome back! And how long have they actually been flowering? It’s been a pretty hot summer. Ive had several autos finish really quick. One finished 60 days from seed. Looks like you’re getting some foxtailing. Any way you can check out the trichomes with a magnifying tool??

Yes and they all look milky with very little turning brownish. All these are skittles started on the same day,same soil, same fertilizer,Bergman’s it just amazes me the difference in these girls. In the beginning I thought that the tall one was a male. I’ll try to take a close-up and you should be able to blow it up for those trikes

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Also those things started flowering at three weeks when I inserted the pictures it separated a text if you read the bottom of the page and tells you win thank you very much for your help


Sorry I didn’t think I hit the right reply button but they flowered at three weeks and now I’m at 10 1/2 weeks. Thanks for ur help.

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Sorry had to get kiddos fed. I think at 7ish weeks you may be in the window. If you have all milky trichomes with a little amber, on the buds not sugar leaves, then it’s really your call.

And the yellowing on the leaves is normal when they finish up? My photo. Plants that I grew last year just drooped a little bit when they were finished. Like I said they are 101/2 weeks since starting.

Yellowing and dying of leaves towards the end is normal for autos or photos. The plant is using them and they have served their purpose. If you’re real close to harvest, no worries.

do they have seeds in them?

Nope no seeds. When you read in the seed bank about time to grow it says 10 to14 weeks. They sprouted on June 2 grew very quickly. They’re right in that time period now. The strangest thing is if you look at the first picture of all four of them lined up it’s incredible how much different the genetics are especially when they all have the same pot same soil and same watering and fertilizer. So all I have is a tablet to take pics. But the trichs are milky with only a few amber. I did a test smoke by drying out in the oven and it’s safe to say that it was very good buzz wise. I guess I’m just looking for a final opinion I guess that’s the best way I can describe it to any help would be appreciated

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I appreciate that thank you very much I thought so too. So now it’s time to rinse them out right

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About 6½-7 weeks in flower? I think you can probably start the flush.

Thanks for all the opinions on my szkittles. Going to start the flush on Monday.