Prep for Dry & Cure

I am a few weeks from harvest of my AK-47s, and thinking ahead about drying. I have a 8x12 shed in the backyard in N Cali bay area. I used a temp/humidity data logger and found the high was over 100F - 15 degrees above outdoor temperature.

Recently shaded shed with a tarp, shade cloth, and added passive ventilation. Since then temp has been 58 - 92F. Humidity varies 36 - 70%.

Will make more modification possibly installing a whirlybird. The weather will hopefully cool in a few weeks and want to do without a portable AC unit.


Your gonna want better control then that, over RH and Temp. Your night time temps are good but way too dry and your daytime temps are too high and too wet. Want consistant temps between 68 and 75 degrees as well as consistant RH between 62 and 65 percent. Any chance you can hang and dry indoors vs an outbuilding? Your suggested dry spot has alot of potential to not only dry it too fast, but also increased chance for mold or mildew. You should have both air circulating in the room but also Ventilation to bring in fresh (moist) air.


Thanks @Docnraq. Hmmm I’ve heard local weather may warm up next month.

Our indoor high temperature is a few degrees cooler, but I didn’t really want to dry inside unless I have a tent or kit to contain the odor. I share the home with family, and they may not appreciate the odor as much as I do :slight_smile:

I researched temperature & humidity controlled kit or tent, but didn’t find anything that popped out. There have to be climate controlled drying kits for small growers like us for reasonable cost? Otherwise would need to set up my own system with portable/window AC with humidity control. A bit of research and work. I’ll appreciate any leads/ideas to do this right.

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Ac infinity has pretty good inline vent fans with controllers to trigger the fan using rh, temp or both.
Inkbird makes some pretty good control devices nothings gonna be super cheap at all, sadly. If your growing hobby is a life long ambition, spend a lil. Its value is priceless, if this is a one and done grow. Just do your best with what ya got. Whatever you do come up with, hit me with any questions you may have. Happy to help.


Honestly I’m stressed aboit cutting my plants shortly too. I dont want to mess up my first photo grow :joy:

Lost a whole Bruce Banner to mold last time cause i was a dumb panda.

I’ll have to be better about controlling temp and rh this time. I cant imagine growing outdoors!


Me either! I cant afford to bank on mother nature to ensure my harvest. At least if I fux it up indoors, its on me.

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Hey @ThermoNukePanda - Growing outdoors was so easy. It was my first time, and they just kept on growing. It was cheap as well since no lights, etc. needed.

Didn’t even use any fertilizer. Helps that our soil is nice and organic from the mulch and I’m in N Cali. It’s a weed after all.

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@Docnraq I hear you.
I have been lucky with uhaul large wardrobe boxes that 8 cut holes in for ventilation.I am on the San Francisco pennisula,not as far north as the gromies…but we have a heatwave coming and it is chop day tomorrow for a few of my girls. Every year they start and finish early.

I run indirect flow through the bottom holes. This year i have 4 boxes in 2 by 2 formation.
I have grove bags ,jars,

with sensors and boveda bags to control moisture.

SL out.


You look ready my friend. Happy Harvest too you! I got like 4 or 5 weeks maybe more, hope this heat is over soon.

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@Docnraq We may be stoners but we at least pay…wait, what was I gonna say?
Im starting to chop tomorrow-MTF and coco pebbles clone from a local dispensary.
SL out.


How was buying a clone from the dispo, been thinking about doing a clone run

I’m with you on the heat. I thought it was over, now we are getting 10 degrees above average. Watching close for foxtails and boy bits

Went down to the valley today. Picked up mom from Sky Harbor and visited with some old friends. Heat was brutal until we got down this side of copper canyon. Don’t remember it being that hot 40 years ago. Was keeping fingers crossed the AC wouldn’t break. I don’t even use AC in the car up here.

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Hey there. I’m a Peninsula neighbor. I see grove bags. How do you like them and do they work well for you? My harvest will be late Sept for 1 Maui Wiwie and then October for the rest.

@chrisacker85 This is my first seasons using them. I will definitely keep you posted.
This weekend will be a heatwave-lookout!!
SL out.

You cannot rely on the environment without control too variable you have to have your drying environment completely controllable If you try to drive without an AC unit or anything like that you’re recording tire harvest it’ll get moldy all sorts of crap happens Spend $200 on a grow tent
Use that I u can dry upwards of 50 pounds in a 10 by 10 If you want Dry outdoors you need to bundle it in chicken wire and hang it in a silo The way to do it outdoorsIdols are specifically designed for that purpose that keep the feedIs from getting moldy and rotten If think the farmers if they could have used the barn they would have just used it I’m not built another entire structure to do so

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Stay cool and hydrate early and often… and you, too!

Dust storm tonight…finally getting dry though.

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@Docnraq Sorry I never replied. The clone was nice in living soil! My stickiest strain,although i didn’t train her for more yield.
Next time.
Happy growing!!

SL out

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@chrisacker85 I used grove bags last year for the first time.previous years (a lot of em) I used mason jars.all the burping.Always got a good finished product.
GROVE BAGS in my honest opinion are just plane awesome.I’ll never go bag to mason jars.

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Ive got one finishing up in living soil, fantastic looking bud.