Pre flower at 3 weeks...?

This is a blue dream seed planted 12-9-21 so a lil over 3 weeks and already starting preflower? 8dk what im doing wrong but my first 2 seeds where growing so fast a nice thick leaves and this grow its like they dont want to grow. Im trying to keep temp around 75 and humidity around 55%. Any ideas why they just won’t get bigger?


Is it an auto?


wow, that’s crazy

Like @oldmarine said look so far like autoflower

If is photo light schedule change

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Maybe try transplanting it to a bigger pot

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And are you using any nutrients

Yea its an auto but dang at 3 weeks starting to flower its only on the 3rd node. I dont give any nutes till week 5 or 6. Soil is ffof. Just curious to see what yall think. Most of my autos start to show pre flower about 5 weeks in.


That is sad. By the looks of it it is hardly worth growing unless you have something else going too.

up-pot, up-pot, up-pot. half strength feed see how she reacts.

Rule of thumb is plant only gonna be as big as its root. Now there are guys growing monsters in solos, but they know what they are doing, and they do it for the challenge.

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How many hours you running the lights?

I would take it out of the solo cup u mite find the roots have filled the cup i would transplant into a five gallon pot

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