Powdery Mildew problems

Hello all, question?? Would you rather cut plant early by a week -ish or let it go to the mildew? Or keep trying to clean off mildew? Talk to me experts. Thanks

Mildew isn’t that hard to get under control. Spray the plant with a dilute mix of peroxide with water. It’s best to use RO or distilled water. The minerals in tap water can clog the stomata on the leaves.


Agree with @MidwestGuy 50/50 hydrogen peroxide 3% and water, spray all over and under the leaves at lights out. When you harvest, do a bud wash. I sprayed mine last week, and think I’ll take them down in 10 days or so.

This method was shared with me on this site. It definately helps!

Some browning of pistils, and you need to check as it does come back. At least in my experience.
Good luck