Potassium Sulfate: What is it and what does it do?

I bought this as a part of a used grow bundle. Along with a bunch of other natural amendments for soil such as kelp, crab meal, seabird, and then there was this, potassium sulfate.

I don’t build my own soil yet. It is something I want to start doing later in the future. But can anybody in the soil building section explain to me what potassium sulfate does and possible, how I could use it to Advantage in my grow, via Feed to Waste method.

I’m currently in the flowering process using Happy Frog and ocean forest soil medium as well as Fox Farm nutrients.

Any help or input would be very appreciated. Thank you

And if I can in fact use this to my advantage, how much of it should I add per gallon of water?

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Fertilizer ?

It is used for the flower stage, google the name and should tell you all about it


@Hoppiefrog @Budbrother are the fellas for this answers. They r the dudes for the living soils and making their own stuff.

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Sulphur based potash = sulphur supliment & potassium and yes great for Terp production in flower


2 questions @Hoppiefrog. If im utilizing drain to waste in soil with other nutes how much of this powder should be used per gallon, and when? In your opinoin.
And what is Bergman Labs?


Alos, does this stuff expire? Its a few years old…

Good for some time to come, not sure on mixing instructions I’ll get back to you I haven’t used it before.im assuming you are running no till or at least dry amendments

Mostly liquid nutrients. With a hint of Bloom booster powder, occasionally…

Depends on what else you’re using. If you’re using other products, chances are one or more of them already has potassium sulfate in it.