Potassium deficiency possibly

First big grow these girls are 6 week old autos they are getting lotus nutes and two days ago I upped their dose and today this? Someone help!!

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Still green between the veins, I’d start with magnesium. Epsom salt at next watering should help. That will give you sulphur too. I run Lotus and always use additional sulphur at flower time. I don’t run my feed any higher than 1.7 ec with Lotus either. Check your root ph to be sure the increase didn’t put you in lockout!

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Should I use any cal-mag I was gonna use some with my next watering anyways?

Yes! Cal mag if your water is below 100 ppm, no need if your water is around 150 ppm. I use rain water which is 0 ppm, so I add cal mag every water or feeding. They will need more when flowering, 200 ppm or so as they require more when flowering . When asking advice, it helps if you give your grow specifics , strain, lights and schedule, temp, humidity, ventilation, nutes, …… and the list goes on! The more details you give, the more accurately they can be diagnosed and that will get you better responses and help! Happy growing

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