Possible Nitrogen deficiency

Growing indoors in soil pH 6.0 Fox farm grow big four plants two are starting this problem.They are in the first days of flower.GGA from ILGM . Please help thanks!

Looks more of a nitrogen tox than a nitro deficiency. What’s the rest of the plant look like? What are your ppms at?


Probably fill out a support ticket and give us a little more info. Some better pics of leaf with flash and one of whole plant and where on the plant that leaf came from. The more info you put up the better info you will get on here.

Im sorry, a single leaf can exhibit almost any problem without anything being wrong with the rest of the plant.


Sorry I didn’t do a support ticket yet .Today was when I noticed the problem. The stems on some of the leaves are turning purple .


I am growing in miracle grow potting soil. And using fox farm grow big and big bloom. I also am using mag-cal . I am inside using a 4’-4’ tent with a 1500 Watt LED. Temp is 75 degrees with a fan and exhaust. I also did not check them in natural light until today. And boy are they dark green. So I am thinking it’s too much nitrogen like you said.My first thoughts were some kind of fungus.Should I do a flush or just stop the feeding for a week.Thanks again for your help with this situation.

Dont do anything just yet. Lets circle the wagons here. Lets do that support ticket first. Lots of suff on there i need to know to see what you got going on. Go to forum home page, scroll down past categories and tou will see a permanent post with a blank support ticket. Cut and paste that to a post and fill it out.

From what you told me your in MG soil and that aint good. That stuff is reeeeal hot and is time released. Basically everytime you watter you are bombarding the plant with nutes it doesnt need… MG is also not ph buffered for our plant, so it will be difficult to keep ph in range.

The support ticket will help us start walkimg you through this. Im hitting up a few people on here i talk to all the time who are awesome and helping rescue a grow. And cousin… this is a rescue mission, your in good hands.

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I am with @BobbyDigital on this one that deep dark color looks like nitrogen abundance.


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The chart and myself also agrees with @BobbyDigital and @SKORPION


But it looks like the top chart leans toward magnesium also. But mine get a light green color when they ask for calmag.

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Definite N toxicity. The problem with MG is you can’t flush to remove salts because they’re ‘timed release’ which means every time you water more salts are dissolved. Then when you reach flower the PH crashes when you can’t do anything about it. I would make every effort to repot into different soil. I quoted your two posts to tell you to STOP feeding the plant!


You are so right! If he is in a 5 gallon pot its time to step up to a 10 and get those roots into something more balanced. Maybe ffof ? And straight water for a while?


Hello I first want to thank everyone for the help. I am trying to find the support ticket that silverback recommended and cannot figure out how to find it. Since reading everyone’s threads it seems my problem is that I have to much nitrogen from my MG soil. I would like to work with the soil I have because the plants are going into flower. Is it possible to work with what I have and what to do to try and save my girls?Thx

This is the support ticket but I think we narrowed down the issue. MG soil and added nutrients on top of that. Problem now is that flushing may cause more problems as the water is going to cause the MG nutes to release which will burn the plants. For now I’d just discontinue the additional nutrients and go water only for a while.

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

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Seeds are ilgm GGA
Five gallon grow bags 4 plants
4’ 4’ tent
1500 W led lights on 22 hours 2 off
Temp 75 day and night
Humidity 45 / 50
Nutrition Fox farms trio
Water PH 6.0
MG soil

It is possible to finish this run in mg but your going to be in a constant fight to finish. I have seen people use it the entire grow but it was a struggle with little room for error. The ones I have seen go full term in mg basically had no other choice. Definitely not recommended. I tagged you in another post of a grower using that soil who is a little further I think.

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I grow in mg and have had good results, but it has its problems. I have had good results but my plants are green till I chop them down, ya gotta judge by tricomes cuz plants still going. I don’t feed first few weeks and when I do, my grow fertilizer has other good stuff in it so I feed till second week of flowering and start with adding p and k with flowering nutes. Flushing good help with taste on end product. I understand and know other people who have pH problems in flower. But for some reason I think my high pH well water helps keep my soil in good range. I was thinking you didn’t put your pH on your runoff in your answers and it’s good to know your ppm in and out to really know what shape your in with mg soil. Good luck man hope your grow dose well for you. Check your runoff numbers


Thanks for the encouragement I will do a PH runoff and I will stop the nutes for a long while. I am going to up the PH to 7.0 and hope for the best. The only time I have had problems with MG is when I grow GGA. I have had good luck with WWA BGA and OGKA this is the second time GGA did this. I am very happy with all the information that I received from the forum because I never suspected that the soil was the problem. Always learning amazing

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Thanks @Dennis62 I knew I remembered someone who did just couldn’t remember the name.

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Yeah check runoff before making many changes, ppm will tell you how much nutrients are in soil, and if pH off you can adjust higher on input. My well runs 6.8 and a steady 6.5 at runoff. If you are in flower you might continue flowering nutes as mg is mostly time release nitrogen not much p&k.