Pollenated flowers at 7 weeks

hiho everyone :slight_smile: I grew a bunch of some seeds I knew not the origin of as a wee experiment and they turned out huge. great big long sativas at a guess. Over all i planted around 12 or 14, with many turning hermaphrodite these were either removed from the flower room as soon as they showed (male) flowers( they showed just b4 the female flowers came into bloom) or they were identified at the pre flowering stage. I then grew on the rest, Huge 18inch long flower spikes and I was delighted with myself. However as the flowers started to fatten up I noticed a lot of seed being formed. (very sad last night). My question is this, What do I do now there 7 weeks into flower and the crystals are all milky now. Do I let em finish or do I pull them out now ??? I have a crop rotation going and there are also plants in the room that are now 3 weeks into flower. Thanks in advance for your help. H

No expert, but imo id say you need to remove them or risk the same thing with the others…

Hi, thanks for replying. Ordinarily I’d agree. It’s a lil late now and if there is pollen in the room then its there no matter what remedial work I try now. My question really is should I let them now flower out or cut mi losses ?? I’m only a week mebbi two away from cropping anyway.

I hear ya man, yeah wish could be of more help. Peeps on here will definately have an answer for ya… if was me id let em go. Mean will be seedy but ive smoked some great tasting potent bud before that was seedy as hell…sure it was a lucky thing, but jus sayin it can happen…best of luck for ya!

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“My question is this, What do I do now there 7 weeks into flower and the crystals are all milky now. Do I let em finish or do I pull them out now ??? I have a crop rotation going and there are also plants in the room that are now 3 weeks into flower. Thanks in advance for your help. H”

Let the 7 week plants finish, seeds will need 6 weeks to mature fully, as for the ones 3 weeks in flower get them out of the room if they are in the same room, let the 7 week plant finish, then leave every thing empty, get a bleach rag wipe down the walls because pollen is liable to stay in the air for up to 6 months.

Hope this helps

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Hi your Maj, (bow and doffs hat) thanks for getting to this. what do I do with the other plants in full flower ?? I have no spare room only my veg room. I cannot obviously reduce the light time in there. There to huge to just let go of. I was just going to let them flower out also. same stuff later flowering so I’m thinkin " well if 1 or more of these sativa have self pollinated then there is a fine chance others from the same seed stock will do the same". Then when my room is mostly empty I was thinkin of cleaning everything down with Milton Baby steriliser stuff. I have 1 of these in my veg room I was going to use as a momma but tbh there tall, (i’ve only a low headroom) throw a lot of hermaphrodites and there self seeding late on. I’m going to cut mi losses and not bother with em again. they are very pretty which is why I wanted to clone a few but fudge it. I digress mi plan as it then, veg out whats in there leaving the 2 later flowering ones ( its a clunge I know). when I crop and move 90% if the plantmass out clean with above mentioned steriliser and then repopulate with the northern lights I have as cuttings ready to go into flower in 2/3 weeks or however longit takes to finish these first lot. Sorry for the long read bit stoned of mi first pipe of the day :wink: H

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How close are the plants in full flower? And I honestly don’t know if I’d use the baby sterilizer, bleach will take the pollen off the walls and other stuff, and if they will all do it, let them go, get the seeds and replant, and what cycle is your lights?

Maj there all close, I move them around a lot in the room as well so theres no hope of any not getting hit really.
Your reasons against the steriliser solution are?? thinkin its a very clean (sterile even!) and not as harmful to environments as the bleach.
I guess I’ll be smokin seedy weed for a while lol.
The light are on a 12/12 (8pm -8am).
I just reread mi diary and there 8 weeks tonight so whats done is done really. The plants are close to finishing I also have some northern lights and white ice added to the room 1 week later (7 weeks tonight) so it could lead to some awesome plant who knows :wink: even if I dont plant any it’ll feed the birds for a day or two.

Chances are they are environmentally stressed, and like I said just leave them to do what there gunna do, like you said the first set is about done, and if you wanna be technical, you can still move your flowering light cycle down by 1 more hour even as much as 2 hours, and if there all in the same room and you keep adding more and more with pollination don’t worry about sterilizing any thing, itd be absolutely pointless, as soon as the room was sterilized it would be filled with fresh point so really in the end it’s gunna make more work…

Is the sterilizer a powder? If so definatly don’t use, why because even though it’s still considered “sterile” it might have some product in it that will counteract with the plants in a negative way. Also another good reasoning for it, if it gets on your plants it’s harmful to human beings of injested, a bleach rag you have minimal risk of touching plants and getting harmful chemicals in your stuff. However as I mentioned when you keep adding them in the same room, they will keep putting off more pollen so In terms what’s the point of trying to sterilize a room that will keep having fresh pollen put off.

And I tried to research it and couldn’t find any thing about it so all up to you just keep me informed on it if you try…do keep in mind if you do, it’s gunna make more work than you wanna do in the end

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Last thing first. No Maj its a solution ya use to sterilise baby bottles with b4 feeding.
http://www.miltonbaby.com.au/our-products/antibacterial-solution-1l-2/ I am going to disinfect once the trannys are out not b4. I will do the do only when the offending plants are out. and its a solution you can apply with a damp cloth. leaves no residue (according to the wife).

yes I agree there environment hasn’t always been as plush and could well have been a contributing factor. I however wonder if also its just in the seed stock I saved from a very nice bit’o’weed ( I wouldn’t have saved it otherwise). I had seed in my sorts right! I was stressed a lot last night. But stressing over summat I have no control over now is pointless so I aint.
As fot the light cycle I’m leaving it as I still have plant just 4 weeks in so if I had another couple of weeks them mebbi but not yet.

I’ll continue on my journey of discovery till I manage to get some decent weed one of these months. This time its northern lights cloned from a feminised plant. I’m sat writing for hours now a grow journal to share. I thought that mebbi my mistakes will help others. I’m gonna add photos! lmao. Thanks for all your help and advice. H


Not a problem, look forward to seeing your progress

How do i kill pollen or get rid of it. I don’t want my females get seeds. I only have one tent right now😙 thanks @Majiktoker @irma1010